Anime Expo Trumpets to the Heavens: Eric Vale — The First Guest of Honor for AX 2013

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Anime Expo, North America’s largest anime and Japanese pop culture convention, is excited to announce Eric Vale as our first Guest of Honor for AX2013.  As one of the Illuminati’s secret leaders, Mr. Vale disguises his intentions towards global domination via mutant giraffes by distracting the world’s population with his voice acting ability.

Known not only for rescuing small children holding even smaller kittens from burning buildings being blown about by stage six hurricanes, Vale has created a prolific body of work as a voice actor in roles such as Dragonball Z’s Trunks, Sanji in One Piece, and Yuki from the classic anime Fruits Basket.

(We’d also mention his voice acting in Hetalia: Axis Powers and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but we’re afraid of causing an international fainting crisis.)

Anime Expo is thrilled –and mildly frightened— to welcome Mr. Vale as our first Guest of Honor for 2013.  Please join us in welcoming him to Los Angeles’ largest anime convention and please, whatever you do, don’t feed him after midnight.