Warning: Housing Scam

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It has come to our attention that a company called Convention Housing Services has been contacting Anime Expo exhibitors, and representing that they have been contracted to provide housing services to attendees and exhibitors for Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California and that they are affiliated with our event.

This claim is completely false, please avoid doing business with any company besides CMR Housing, for your Anime Expo 2013 accommodations. This is a scam that seems to be occurring more often. Convention Housing Service is in no way affiliated with Anime Expo or the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation.

The official housing service for Anime Expo 2013 is CMR Housing. You can book your hotel / housing for the convention this year by visiting our Accommodations page, or the official CMR Housing Gateway.

Again, please avoid booking your hotel for AX 2013 with any company besides: Anime Expo, SPJA, or CMR Housing. Both attendees and exhibitors should book their accommodations on our official website.

Please note: Anime Expo will not be held responsible for claims, promises and/or contracts made by any 3rd party individuals/companies that are not verified in writing by Anime Expo to be an authentic representing individual/company for the convention.