Welcoming STARMARIE as Industry Guests for AX 2013

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Anime Expo announces J-Pop artists STARMARIE as Industry Guests for AX2013! Featuring members Shino Takamori, Nozomi Kishita, and Shiori Aoki, STARMARIE recently released their second album “Fantasy World 2″, and have also collaborated with Yanagi Nobuto and gothic lolita brand “Opera the☆Dream House”. They will be making their US live debut at Anime Expo 2013!

STARMARIE’s singles “Mitsuboshi Restaurant Paul kara no Shoutaijyou” (“The Three-Starred Restaurant / Paul’s Invitiation”) and “Mogura Mystery Tour” are now available on iTunes in the US.

Anime Expo presents the best in global music entertainment, featuring concerts from major J-Pop, Ani-Song, Japanese rock, and Idol Performers, providing attendees the opportunity to see the hottest acts straight from Japan. We are thrilled to welcome STARMARIE to AX2013 for their US debut!