Welcoming Voice Actor Megumi Han as a Guest of Honor for AX 2013

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Anime Expo welcomes Voice Actor Megumi Han as a Guest of Honor for AX2013! Originally from Tokyo, Ms. Han had her screen debut in 2008 in Sakura no Sono. In 2011, she achieved her goal as a voice actress and was given the lead role of Gon Freecss in HunterxHunter.

Since then, Ms. Han has worked on other popular series such as Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Recently, she received the main role of Akko Kagari in Little Witch Academia and Sumire Hanano in Chihayafuru 2. She is not only limited to anime, but also has lent her talents for computer games as well as voiceover for foreign dramas.

Ms. Han will also be participating in a Little Witch Academia panel hosted by TRIGGER, producers of the new hit anime!

Anime Expo is thrilled to welcome Megumi Han as a Guest of Honor to AX 2013, where attendees can connect with their favorite artists, voice actors, and musicians from Japan, display their amazing cosplay and other artistic creations, and enjoy the best in Japanese anime and pop culture. Connect. Create. Culture. All at Anime Expo 2013!