Cosplay Etiquette

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While at Anime Expo this year, please be sure to follow these basic rules of etiquette while interacting with cosplayers. Following these rules will ensure that everyone has a safe and fun experience at Anime Expo.

  • Politely ask a cosplayer for permission before taking their picture. If they decline, please respect their wishes and don’t keep asking.
  • No means no, respect the other person’s wishes.
  • Wait your turn to ask for a photograph; do not hijack other photographer’s shoot.
  • Do NOT “glomp”, hug, or tackle any cosplayer without their permission. Doing so could damage their cosplay or seriously injure the cosplayer or yourself.
  • Cosplayers are humans too; don’t get offended if they don’t want to take a photo. They may not be feeling well or may not be in the best of moods.
  • Do not block any hallways / walkways by stopping to take a photo. Please move off to the side.
  • Remember, we’ve all started somewhere, please do not criticize the quality of someone else’s cosplay.
  • Ask before touching a cosplayer in any way. Some people are not comfortable with others touching them. Please respect their personal space.
  • Do not follow cosplayers around; they are there to enjoy the convention too.
  • Keep any lewd or rude comments to yourself. Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Just because someone is wearing a “revealing” cosplay does not mean they are “seeking attention”, Please keep be respectful; they are people, not objects.
  • Do NOT touch any part of a cosplay (wig, prop, etc…) without permission from the cosplayer.