English voice cast of classic Sailor Moon series to reunite for the first time in the United States

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For many, Sailor Moon was a major catalyst that sparked an interest in Japanese animation and culture.  Next to Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon made up one-half of a particularly influential anime-focused afternoon action block. The Sailor Moon series was a huge influence on many children growing up in the 1990’s, especially young girls. The Sailor Scouts were childhood heroes and role models–a source of inspiration and empowerment.

In honor of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary and the upcoming remake, Anime Expo is pleased to welcome the classic Sailor Moon series’ voice cast for their first full reunion appearance in the United States! Anime Expo 2014 Guests of Honor, Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon, seasons 3 and 4), Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter), Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars), Karen Bernstein (Sailor Mercury, seasons 1 and 2), and Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus, seasons 1 and 2) will all be participating in a Sailor Moon panel as well as individual autograph sessions.

More information about each of these lovely ladies’ work can be found below.

Linda Ballantyne

For the past 20 years, Linda has worked professionally on stage, screen and television, and has been heard in hundreds of radio and television commercials worldwide. Her extensive animation career consists of a wide variety of characters including series leads in Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon/Serena), The Avengers (Wasp), Toot and Puddle (Tulip), Disney’s Yin Yang Yo (Saranoia, Ella Mental, Smoke and more), Cyberchase (Wicked), Corduroy (Moppy’s Mom), Timothy Goes to School (Fritz’s Mom), Air Master (Kaori Sakiyama), Bakugan (Kararina), Beywheelz (Leader B/Lucy), and Animal Shelf (Getup), as well as various characters in The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, The Doodlebops, Totally Spies, 6Teen, Time Warp Trio, and more. She has also voiced characters in the feature films Disney’s Lucky Ducks (Reporter), Care Bear’s Journey to Joke-A-Lot (Champ Bear), Care Bear’s Big Wish Movie (Champ Bear) and Thomas and the Magic Railroad (Percy).

Linda was contracted as the “voice” of the Comedy Network for 13 years and is currently creating and writing an animated series entitled Simply Wicked. Linda is also the host of the edgy new radio show I’m Just Sayin’ on Canada Talks (#167), SiriusXM’s newest channel.

Linda is the happily married mother of 3 perfect teenaged daughters.

Stephanie Morgenstern

Stephanie Morgenstern is an award-winning actor / screenwriter / filmmaker and a two-time Genie Award (Canadian Academy) nominee. She was designated “National Indie Treasure” by Toronto’s eye magazine, profiled in Voir magazine as a “New Face to Watch,” and selected as one of three “Great Expectations” filmmakers at the Telluride International Film Festival in Colorado.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Morgenstern began her acting career when she was 15. She has worked extensively on stage, film, and television in both English and French. Her most widely seen feature film credits have been The Sweet Hereafter, Maelstrom, Revoir Julie, and Forbidden Love. She got her BA in English from McGill University, and studied drama at the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts. She then moved to Toronto to pursue her MA at York University’s Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought.

Along with her writing partner and husband Mark Ellis, Morgenstern created Flashpoint, a TV police drama which premiered in July 2008 on CTV and CBS and ran for five years. The show was awarded the Academy Board of Directors Tribute for Outstanding and Enduring Contribution to Canadian Television, the Gemini Award (2009) for Best Dramatic Series, and many others. Morgenstern & Ellis recently received the Writers’ Guild of Canada’s award for Showrunners of the Year for their work on Flashpoint. They are currently developing two new television dramas for CBC and CTV.

Stephanie is also familiar to a wide audience for her voice work in animated TV. Among other roles, she played Yin in Disney’s Yin! Yang! Yo!, Sailor Venus in Sailor Moon, Marigold in Watership Down, Princess Flame in Blazing Dragons, Princess Lila in The Smoggies, Tiger Lily in Rupert The Bear and Ayami in Power Stone.

Katie Griffin

Toronto native, Katie Griffin, has been a professional actor, voice actor and singer for over 20 years.  Having worked with acting powerhouses such as Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe, Katie’s film and television career has been colourful to say the least.  Her true strength and success, however, has come in the form of voice-over.  She has sung numerous radio jingles and voiced hundreds of radio and television commercials. She still continues to star in popular cartoons.  Although best known as Raye/Sailor Mars in the hit show Sailor Moon, she’s also known for her portrayal of Alex in Totally Spies, Yoko in Team Galaxy, Zair in Redakai as well as voicing Julie and Sellon in Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Hikaru in Beyblade.  She was also Nina Harper” in Emmy award-winning Braceface, Ruby on Max and Ruby and Laugh-a-lot Bear in Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot.  She has also had numerous guest starring roles on shows such as 6-teen, Stoked and The Dating Guy.


Karen Bernstein

Karen Bernstein portrayed the voice of Sailor Mercury for the first three seasons of the North American version of Sailor Moon.  An accomplished voice actor, Karen also was the voice of Kitty in Hello Kitty,  Tara and Jett in Bevery Hills Teens,  Olivia Owl in Birdz;  Mrs. Settergren in Pippi Longstocking,  Maggie in Little People, and Tessie Bear in Noddy –  to name a few.  Karen has also voiced numerous guest roles in a variety of other animated series.  A stage actor as well, Karen performed in regional theatres across Canada throughout her acting career, and is an alumnus of the renowned Second City improv comedy troupe.  She transitioned a number of years ago to the other side of the audio booth, first as a voice producer and now a voice agent.  She is very excited to be making her Sailor Mercury ‘debut’ at Anime Expo 2014.


Susan Roman

For Susan Roman, nothing compares with the joy of working in animation – which is exactly what she’s done for most of her adult life.  Let’s be frank: some of her projects didn’t exactly go on to become household names.  Piggsburg Pigs, with LA director Stu Rosen at the helm, comes to mind.  But it was during that series (recorded ensemble, which hardly ever happens anymore) that Mr. Rosen introduced the concept of the key phrase – possibly the best tool ever invented to keep a voice actor on track, and something which she has never forgotten.

She went on to play Champ Bear in the original Care Bear TV series, the Berry Princess in Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins, James the red tank engine in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Oliver in Beyblade, and as Snowy the dog, she yipped and yapped her way through countless episodes of The Adventures of Tin Tin.  She was also cast as the speaking voice of rocker Debbie Harry in the major motion picture, Rock & Rule.

Roman is best known as the voice of Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon – which is, she says, her favorite character by far.