Japanese Kawaii Ambassador Kimura U presents KOKOkim fashion show at AX 2014

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This year, Kimura U will showcase the latest from her recently launched original fashion brand, KOKOkim, for its first fashion show outside of Japan! Additionally, Kimura U will design an original KOKOkim backdrop for the Cosplay Zone in the Entertainment Hall, where she will be doing free photo opportunities throughout the weekend.

With the word she created “Moeru Harajuku = MoeHara” as the brand concept for KOKOkim, Kimura U draws inspiration from both Akihabara and Harajuku aesthetics to create fashionable everyday clothes. While KOKOkim creates outfits that could be pictured in the world of anime and manga, they are not for cosplay, but for daily wear. KOKOkim offers a brand new fashion category and original designs. Kimura U’s very unique style has already been praised by audiences all around the world.

More About Kimura U:

While being active both as the fashion model for Harajuku style magazines such as KERA and as the creator/artists of such fashion culture, Kimura U’s talent attracted the attention of the government. In 2009, she was officially appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as “Kawaii Ambassador” with a mission to represent the pop-cultures of Japan to the world.

Throughout her appearances at large scaled fashion and pop-culture events all over the world, including the guest appearance at “Paris Collection,” she became a pioneer in spreading the “Kawaii” culture to the world.

In 2013, Kimura U collaborated with KOKKA to create an original line of patterned textiles.  AX2012 guest LiSA’s photobook released last fall, “Kyou mo Ii Hi da” (Today is also a good day), also featured Kimura U’s illustrations on the cover.

Also in 2013, Kimura U just launched original brand, KOKOkim. The “Moeru Harajuku = MoeHara” brand concept blends design elements from Akihabara and Harajuku.

She’s the nationally approved star of Japanese pop culture and her influence to the world will not stop!