Producer of Shibuya 109 brand Swankiss to present designs at AX Fashion Show

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Swankiss is clothing for the dreamy moments of girls all around the world, and the space where girls can be girls forever and shine like a swan.

With “Romantic Vintage” as its theme, Swankiss offers fantasy-filled items that contain one-of-a-kind lace patterns and vintage-inspired details.

Swankiss will present its first overseas fashion show at Anime Expo 2014, along with previously-announced KOKOkim. The 2014 Spring and Summer Collection title is “pretty baby Lolita.”


About Saaya Hayashida, Producer of Swankiss

Growing up with both parents working in the fashion industry, producer of “Swankiss,” Saaya Hayashida (pictured above), has been influenced by fashion her whole life.

In April 2012, Saaya appeared in a Fashion/Brand Producer Audition on TV Tokyo. After going through a very selective process for 6 months, she finally won the audition title. Shortly after she won the audition, she started the “Swankiss” brand and opened her first store in Shibuya 109.

Swankiss will be available for purchase in the Exhibit Hall, where attendees will also have the opportunity to meet Saaya Hayashida.

For more information, please visit Swankiss’s official website and Facebook.