Eiko Tanaka, Producer from STUDIO4°C and CEO of Beyond C, coming to AX 2014!

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Involved with development and production at STUDIO4°C, Tanaka is an accomplished producer who has often brought results with masses of achievement.  Regardless of genre through film, shorts, commercials, TV series, music clips, games, mobile, etc., she has boldly tackled new media such as stereoscopy, project mapping, etc. For Beyond C., she developed partnerships both domestically and internationally through planning and production, distribution, licensing, etc.

Eiko Tanaka, producer at Studio4°C and CEO of Beyond C, will be doing a Q&A panel and autograph session at Anime Expo 2014.

Eiko Tanaka, Producer from STUDIO4°C and CEO of Beyond C

After working at Studio Ghibli as a line producer for “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. She is now a producer at Studio4°C and has worked on films such as “MEMORIES” (1995), “SPRIGGAN” (1998), “MIND GAME” (2004), “Tekkonkinkireet” (2006), “Genius Party” (2007), the “BERSERK” Trilogy (2012), the “Animatrix” Anthology, “Batman: Gotham Knight”, “Halo Legends”, and the TV series “ThunderCats”. Through her work with Studio4°C she has cultivated works of cooperation with overseas creators.  Always producing original images in the short films, commercials, music clips, etc. that it creates, Studio4°C has won numerous accolades domestically and internationally.

Also, the company’s name of 4°C comes from the temperature that water is at its most dense, and is a pledge of high quality work.