NHK World to cover “Kawaii” at Anime Expo 2014, plus more!

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Both Kawaii International and Kawaii.i, the two best international kawaii media, will be operating very closely with, and covering the entirety of, the AX 2014 Fashion Program! Kawaii.i is currently hosting a photo contest on their Facebook page to find “Kawaii Leaders.”

“Kawaii Leaders” are the kawaii lovers from all over the world who will be asked to cooperate in such kawaii spreading, and they will be invited officially to Tokyo in order to attend various fashion shows and cooperate in kawaii product research / developments, all of which will be broadcasted world-wide by Kawaii International. Kawaii.i provides such opportunity to, and it is the dream-come-true place for, all international kawaii lovers, and its sole purpose is to further spread the forever evolving kawaii styles to world, by providing the kawaii lifestyle information and giving out dream-come-true opportunities to such kawaii lovers from all over the world!

Kawaii.i will have even more contests, events, and announcements on site at their exhibition booth throughout AX 2014, and of course at the AX fashion show, as well. Stay tuned with Kawaii.i, and don’t miss your opportunity to fulfill your “kawaii” dream at AX 2014!

Kawaii.i and Kawaii International will also be setting up the two photo sets at the Entertainment Hall, where Guest of Honor, Kimura U, will be doing photo sessions meet and greets throughout the weekend.

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Kawaii International

Kawaii International is a world wide TV show produced by Japanese global TV station, NHK WORLD, that introduces very fresh and most current “Kawaii” news to the world. This show covers fashion, anime and manga, character “bento” and sweets, beauty information such as hair styles and nails, traditional trends like “kimonos”, and more.

Also, the show frequently includes viewer’s events titled “Kawaii around the world” that allows its viewers across the world to join through video postings and various contests. By cooperating with its online content partner “Kawaii.i,” Kawaii International is all about producing and developing its episodes along with all these kawaii lovers outside Japan.The show airs entirely in English, and anybody with online access can watch it.

By downloading the NHK WORLD’s application (available both on Android and iPhone), the show can be viewed through smart phones as well.

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About Kawaii.i:

With its theme of “Kawaii items, people, and events”, Kawaii.i introduces all of the latest Japanese pop-culture news and trends to the world. It is the online media that provides all sources of “Kawaii” information for people to discover, create, and enjoy their very own “Kawaii” (or cute) lifestyle.

On Kawaii.i, you can find all the latest Kawaii store information, fashion trends, and product info. Additionally, popular fashion magazine models demonstrate their special techniques such as make up skills and outfit coordinating skills in “Kawaii Tutorials.” Fashion magazine models guide the viewers to their very favorite spots in Tokyo in a travel feature called, “TOKYO PHOTO BOOK.” In order to further broaden and spread the “Kawaii” culture to the world, Kawaii.i is currently in its process of looking out for “Kawaii Leaders.”

Check out Kawaii.i’s Facebook page to find out how you can apply to become a “Kawaii Leader”

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