Aniplex bringing Sword Art Online Author and Illustrator/Character Designer coming to AX2014 for US Premiere Screening Event

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Sword Art Online II

Anime Expo is excited to host the US Premiere Screening Event for Sword Art Online II with Reki Kawahara (author) and abec (original illustration and character design concept artist) joining as Guests of Honor. Both guests will be participating in panels, autograph sessions and special events throughout the weekend of Anime Expo 2014.

The US Premiere Screening Event for Sword Art Online II is scheduled for Friday, July 4th and will include a variety of Sword Art Online contents.








Guest Information

Reki Kawahara Reki Kawahara made his debut with his published work Accel World (published by ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Bunko) in 2008, which won the 15th Dengeki Bunko Prize. Along with Accel World, he has been writing his popular work Sword Art Online (SAO) since 2002. The accumulative number of his books sold has exceeded ten million copies and is still increasing. The Animated TV Series of Sword Art Online broadcasted in Japan in 2012 and instantly became a big hit. This will be Kawahara’s first visit to Anime Expo.






abecabec did the original illustrations and character design concepts for Sword Art Online.