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@ Los Angeles Convention Center
July 1st-4th, 2017
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Anime Expo’s Anime Music Video Competition is one of our most cherished and longest running events. This event features a wild assortment of short music videos, each of which is created by fans such as yourself. We accept submissions from anybody and everybody, local or foreign, beginner or professional, attending or non-attending.


Each year, we receive hundreds of submissions, and only a tiny handful make it to the finals. Careful attention to technical quality will tremendously help the chances of your entry being one of them.


  1. We recommend MP4 or MKV file formats. We will also accept AVI, MOV, M2TS, or MPG, but they are not recommended. We reserve the right to reject other file formats such as WMV or MXF.
  2. We recommend H.264/AVC 8-bit codecs. We strongly recommend against using antiquated codecs such as XVID, or bleeding-edge codecs such as 10-bit or H.265/HEVC.
  3. We recommend file sizes of 250MB* or smaller. We reserve the right to reject files that we deem to be excessively large.
  4. We recommend inserting one second of empty black silence to the start and end of each entry.

BE ADVISED: For the convenience of our judges, we reserve the right to transcode any entries to fit the above standards. This may impact the quality of your entry as presented to the judges. To ensure the judges experience your AMV in the most ideal way, please follow the recommendations above.


  1. The following video issues shall be considered technical flaws:
    1. Interlacing
    2. Squashed or stretched aspect ratios, or improper letterboxing/matting
    3. Chunky/blocky video
    4. Color banding
    5. Blurry video
    6. Heavily aliased/jagged lines
    7. Low resolution entries
      • 720p* is the minimum if using sources that were released on Blu-Ray or in HD.
      • 480p is the minimum if using sources that were never released on Blu-Ray or in HD.
  2. The following audio issues shall be considered technical flaws:
    1. Audible distortion
    2. Levels that are overdriven or clipped
    3. Levels that are too low. We recommend normalizing to -0.5db peak
    4. Low sample-rate/bitrate
    5. Audible discontinuities or jumps caused by flawed audio edits
    6. Pitch-shifted or speed-adjusted audio (unless by obvious artistic necessity)
  3. Entries that require a strange or unusual degree of difficulty to work with shall be considered technically flawed.

(*) This event is exhibited in 720p. We will accept higher resolutions up to 1080p, but there would be very little benefit and only consumes more space.NOTE: This event is presented on movie theater sized screens. This magnifies imperfections. Therefore, your entry should look and sound as close to a store-bought Blu-Ray as possible. Feel free to contact us if you need technical advice.

Subject to Disqualification

    1. Technical Requirements Non-Compliance
      • Entries that do not sufficiently satisfy our technical standards may be disqualified.
    2. Submission Freshness Requirement*
      • Your entry must not have been available for public view (online or at an event) prior to the freshness cut-off date of October 3rd, 2016.
      • (*) Bonus Category entries are exempt, but must not have been sent to a past AX AMV Contest.
    3. Restricted Material
        a) Corner watermark logos or other trademarks.*
        b) Subtitles, karaoke lyrics, and superfluous text.*
        c) References to non-SPJA contests or events.*
        d) Introductions, closings, titles, credit slates, and self-promotion.*

      *Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis if such usage can be deemed necessary and relevant to your entry’s concept.

    4. Video Length Requirements
      1. All AMVs: 1min 15sec minimum, 5min 30 sec maximum.
      2. Movie Trailers: 1min 30 sec minimum, 3min 30sec maximum.
      3. TV Intros: No minimum, 1 min 30 sec maximum.
      4. TV Commercials: No minimum, 1min maximum.
    5. Explicit Content
      • The content and context of your entry must be suitable for an age 13+ audience.
    6. Non-Anime Content
      • Each entry’s visual material must be at least 70% anime-styled or manga-styled content.
    7. Non-Music Content*
      • The video content of all AMV entries must primarily consist of anime-styled or manga-styled content. *(*) This includes certain non-Japanese titles made in the typical Japanese anime style (e.g. Boondocks, Korra, RWBY, and Voltron.) If there is a source you wish to use that you believe meets this definition, contact the coordinators for approval.
    8. Exceeding Submission Maximums
      • Entrants that exceed submission maximums shall have all excess entries disqualified. See the Categories tab for more details.
    9. Micro-Vid Reels
      • Entries that are primarily a reel of multiple unrelated and random micro-AMVs (i.e. AMV-Hell styled entries) are not eligible to compete.
    10. Incomplete and/or Minimal Effort Entries
      1. Entries that mostly consist of largely uncut segments from the original source may be disqualified.
      2. Entries that are merely named after the video source material or after the editor (e.g. “~Naruto AMV~” or “Phil’s Awesome AMV”) may be disqualified.
      3. Incomplete entries that start or end abruptly mid-point in the song for no artistic reason may be disqualified.


    1. You unconditionally grant us eternal, irrevocable, and limitless permission to use, copy, share, and exhibit your submission(s) in any way, including for purposes and usages outside of or unrelated to this event, and you grant this permission with no expectation of compensation, remuneration, or any form of obligation from us of any kind.
    2. All entries shall be subjected to category review. The judges and coordinators may change the categorization of any entry at their discretion. Any re-categorizations will still be subject to all category limits and rules.
    3. The coordinators and judges may accept or reject any entry for any fair and justifiable reason not foreseen in these rules.
    4. The coordinators and judges are the final interpreters of any rule. Their decisions are final.
    5. If a correctable flaw is discovered in an entry before the deadline, the entrant may re-submit a corrected version up to two times. Once the deadline has passed, resubmissions require coordinator approval.
    6. The coordinators reserve the right to deny submissions or re-submissions from entrants who have had three or more disqualifications.
    7. Dishonesty, plagiarism of other AMVs (in whole or in part), or any actions that cause grief or dishonor to the event or to others may result in the offender being excluded from future SPJA AMV activities. Severe cases may result in banishment from all SPJA events, as well as a notification of your conduct to other AMV events we are affiliated with.

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