AX Dance Xhibition

How to Enter

  • Have your song selections ready and sign-up on-site during the scheduled signup session.

    Categories: Singles, Doubles, Squads up to 6, and Squads up to 15

    The entire group must be present to sign up. Groups must have a Captain that will be a Point of Contact (PoC). The PoC will be responsible for responding via email or text in case any questions or notifications arise. Signups will be closed once the maximum number of entrants is reached. Please see audio requirements for more information.

  • Perform your routine at the tryouts on the dance floor
    • Routines will be limited 2-3 minutes max. Please edit your songs accordingly; see audio requirements for more information.
    • Selected finalists will be emailed/texted after judging. Response will be required in order to participate into the showcase.
    • Failure to respond by the requested deadline will cause your group to forfeit your spot and another group will be selected.
  • Selected finalists perform on stage for the AX DANCE Xhibition Showcase
    • Showcase routines will be limited 4-5 minutes max.

Check the schedule when available for more information about the signup, tryout, and showcase sessions.

  • Submissions will only be accepted through flash drives
  • Songs must be in .mp3 format and at LEAST 192 kbps
  • Lyrics must be free of profanity. It must be clean or be censored
  • Songs will be previewed during signups to ensure quality and rules
  • We HIGHLY encourage having multiple selections of songs in the event other groups have selected a song for a routine. However, only one will be cleared for tryouts.
  • Same song for tryouts must be used, however the song can be extended to fit the time allotted for the showcase if wanted.
  • (10) Singles
  • (10) Doubles
  • (8) Squads up to 6
  • (8) Squads up to 15

Entrants will be graded on Visuals, Choreography, Hype, and Performance by a panel of esteemed judges.

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