AXDance will have more than just dancing this year. Some of the highlights at this year’s dance include fashion shows with mini concerts, Japanese DJ meet and greets, AXDance Q&A, JPop/KPop cover competitions, and plenty of fun workshops.

Location: LACC Concourse Hall (F152)

Thursday, July 3rd

12:00-1:30PM DJ Meet and Greets
2:00-3:00PM Para Para 101
3:00-4:00PM Para Para 101
4:00-5:30PM Shuffle Workshop
7PM-2AM Late Night Dance: Alice in Wonderland Theme (18+ after 10PM)*

Friday, July 4th

10:00 AM Seating for Fashion Show
11AM-2:30PM Fashion Show
3:30PM Seating for K-Pop Dance Cover Battle Semifinals
4:00-6:00PM K-Pop Dance Cover Battle Semifinals
7PM-2AM Late Night Dance: Adventure Time in Wonderland Theme (18+ after 10PM)*

Saturday, July 5th

11:30AM Seating for J-Pop Dance Cover Battle
12PM-1PM  J-Pop Dance Cover Battle TBD
3:30PM Seating for K-Pop Dance Cover Battle Finals
4:00-5:00PM K-Pop Dance Cover Battle Finals
7PM-2AM Late Night Dance: Blue in Wonderland Theme (18+ after 10PM)*


*Dance-only passes are available at-the-door for $20

*18+ Wristbands will be given out at the AXDance Table out in front. Must have Drivers license to acquire this wristband as well as having it when trying to enter the dance.

AXDance is “all responsible ages” in accordance to the City of Los Angeles’s curfew policy. Everyone can attend AXDance in the evening until 10:30pm. After 10pm, AXDance will not let anyone in under the age of 18. 

If you are coming to the AXDance after 7pm you must have the following:

  • Official Identification such as a state ID, driver’s license, or Passport
  • Your day badge or weekend pass (We understand late arrivals and will accept pre-reg information only via printouts or viewed through your smartphone. You must show that you have paid and the name on your pre-registration must match your identification.)

You may also be subject to a light security search by our licensed security on hand to gain access to AXDance.

Rules and Expectations:

  • Do not forget your badge or ID, you will be checked every single time you come an go at the door.
  • Cannot enter AXDance after 10pm if you are under the ages of 18. 
  • No professional cameras. No exceptions.
  • Must have shoes at all times.
  • No lining up for AXDance until after 6pm or 7pm (Subject to change on location).
  • No outside liquids. (There will be water stations inside as well as seating nearby. Water is not allowed on the dance floor)
  • No bags. No exceptions. (Please utilize bag check or leave them in your car or hotel room)
  • No large cosplay props.
  • No hand-held prop replicas. (Swords, airsoft everything, etc etc)
  • Neither AXDance Staff nor Official Security is not responsible for watching your personal belongings and will not hold your items that you leave at the door.
  • This event is not for children
  • Security will dismiss anyone found laying down or asleep inside of the dance room.
  • Can not enter AXDance under the influence. 
  • Anyone dismissed from AXDance for any reason cannot return  for the remainder of the weekend.
  • No backstage access. Security will escort anyone found backstage or coming in through any other door but the main entrance.
  • Do not leave any personal items near or under the stage. Security will remove any such found items.
  • Do not stand on any furniture in or outside of the AXDance room. Security may ask you to leave.

If there are any issues or questions regarding day or night events or rules and restrictions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

DJ Kitten

DJ Kitten

Drawn to the club music scene during her study abroad time in England, DJ Kitten turned that love of club music into a career when she debuted as a DJ in 2009. DJ Kitten loves to read the crowd to give them exactly what they want by seamlessly melding tracks together to create something that defies genres entirely. In 2010, DJ Kitten began organizing “JETLAG” and “RAPTUS”, events that have attracted world class DJs to Osaka’s club scene. In addition to her two events, DJ Kitten began her own podcast, “Osaka to Ibiza Radio”, to showcase a mix of her own original tracks along with the hottest beats of the day. In the summer of 2013, DJ Kitten to the main stage alongside some of the world’s top DJs at Europe’s infamous Monday Bar Cruise. Not to be overshadowed by such big names, she impressed the crowds with a memorable performance and established herself as a world-class DJ.



DJ USYNDJ USYN’s works include a wide variety of Bootleg Remixes, Official Remixes, as well as original mixes that he creates. In 2013, a compilation album that included one of his original tracks claimed the number 9 spot on Beat Port’s Electro House chart. As a DJ, USYN has performed in parties across Japan. He has also appeared in several clubs in Tokyo such as Shibuya WOMB, ageHa, and Akihabara MOGRA. He is also a producer for Marginal Records and has released tracks from other labels such as Maltine Records and Lowfer Records.






#SkirtDISCOSoon after starting to DJ on Ustream, she quickly became known as #SkirtDISCO. Recent DJ mixes include songs by male voice actors in addition to Techno, J-POP, Anison, and “The Prince of Tennis”.
As of 2014, she is a member of the creators group MarginalRec. and enjoys partying both inside the DJ booth and out, in Cosplay with tennis racket or pen light in hand under the motto “I Love what I Love! Fun is Fun!”




ZE1NBlending the mixing style of Progressive House, Electro, and Trance Elements, ZE1N’s sets are both medic and full of energy, keeping the crowd on edge at all times. After starting his DJ career in late 2008, playing in his hometown of Los Angeles, doing online streams and small events for his friends, ZE1N’s DJ career took off when he then approached a local club and got in contact with 3X Events. Since then, ZE1N has opened for top DJ’s such as Above and Beyond, ATB, Ferry Corsten, Seven Lions, W&W, Rebecca and Flona, Tydi, 3lau, Madeon, Emma Hewitt, MS54, Mat Zo, Tritonal, Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery, JES, Christopher Lawrence, and more.





A firecracker from the start, DJ Kitsch is known for her massive stage presence, and pounding hard beats. Her love for harder hardcore, and her drive for different tracks definitly make her sets stand out from the rest. DJ Kitsch continues to captivate an ever-growing fan base with her originality and love for the people who matter the most: THE CROWD. In a nutshell, she likes it hard and fast, and that’s how she will give it to you”








ROOM 228