Fashion Show

The AX Fashion Show is a recent addition to Anime Expo dedicated to showcasing the fashion and style that’s so much a part of Japanese culture. Japanese fashion is unique in the sense that it’s bold in styling, but always strives to maintain a “kawaii” (or cute!) aspect. We are proud to announce that our guests and their brands are taking Japanese streets by storm with their fresh and daring designs, embodying the ideals of “kawaii.”

Check out the Fashion Show on July 4th at LACC’s Concourse Hall (F152), along with the leading international media on all things “kawaii.”

Additionally, all the looks seen on the runway will be available in the Exhibit Hall:

  • Kawaii.i / Kawaii International (NHK World): 1828, 1729, 1731
  • Swankiss: 1739, 1741
  • KOKOkim: 1728, 1730, 1732
  • GOLDS infinity: 1734
  • GHOST of HARLEM: 1733, 1735

Swankiss Logo

Swankiss is clothing for the dreamy moments of girls all around the world, and the space where girls can be girls forever and shine like a swan. With “Romantic Vintage” as its theme, Swankiss offers fantasy-filled items that contain one-of-a-kind lace patterns and vintage-inspired details.

Designer Saaya Hayashida will present Swankiss’s first overseas fashion show at Anime Expo 2014. The 2014 Spring and Summer Collection title is “pretty baby Lolita.”

Booth#: 1739, 1741


KOKOkim Logo

With “Moeru Harajuku = MoeHara” as the brand concept for KOKOkim, Japanese Ambassador of Cute, model, and designer, Kimura U draws inspiration from both Akihabara and Harajuku aesthetics to create fashionable everyday clothes. While KOKOkim creates outfits that could be pictured in the world of anime and manga, they are not for cosplay, but for daily wear. KOKOkim offers a brand new fashion category and original designs. KOKOkim will present its first overseas fashion show at Anime Expo 2014.

Booth#: 1728, 1730, 1732



GHOST OF HARLEM is a brand straight out of Shibuya, Japan. They aim to make clothing that helps to “express the unusual world.”  GHOST OF HARLEM has their flagship store is right in the middle of Shibuya as well as a store in Laforet Harajuku. The brand is extremely popular in both Shibuya and Harajuku fashion culture.

Booth#: 1733, 1735

GOLDS infinity logo

GOLDS infinity channels Japanese girl’s party lifestyle with a mix of current trends and elegant casual.

Booth#: 1734


  • Female – Applicants who do not fit exactly into the following measuremeents can still have chance to be selected.
    • Height: 163cm~167cm (5’4~5’6)
    • Bust: 78~82cm (31~32 inches)
    • Waist: 58~62cm (23~24.5 inches)
    • Hip: 83~87cm (33~34 inches)
    • Shoes: 23~24cm (US 5.5~7.5)
  • Age 18+
  • Must be capable of providing own transportation to downtown Los Angeles area
  • Must be able to attend the fitting on July 3rd at 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM.
  • Must be present July 4th at 7:00 AM for the fashion show.

Please send the following information to [email protected] by June 15th, 2014:

  • Full name
  • Birthday
  • Email
  • City, State
  • Measurements
  • Current headshot photos (one in minimal make-up, one in preferred style of make-up)
  • Full body photo
  • Modeling/runway experience
  • List of talents
  • Availability
  • If you plan to wear a wig, please submit a picture with the wig(s) you plan on bringing the day of.


  • Complimentary 4-day badge for Anime Expo 2014

Both Kawaii International and Kawaii.i, the two best international kawaii media, will be operating very closely with, and covering the entirety of, the AX 2014 Fashion Program!

Kawaii.i will have even more contests, events, and announcements on site at their booth (#1828, 1729, 1731) throughout AX 2014, and of course at the AX fashion show, as well. Stay tuned with Kawaii.i, and don’t miss your opportunity to fulfill your “kawaii” dream at AX 2014!

Kawaii.i and Kawaii International will also be setting up the two photo sets at the Entertainment Hall, where Guest of Honor, Kimura U, will be doing photo sessions meet and greets throughout the weekend.

Find Kawaii.i and Kawaii International in the Exhibit Hall at the NHK WORLD Booth #1828, 1729, 1731.

Read more about these two media outlets below:


Kawaii International Official Logo - Clear Back

Kawaii International is a  world wide TV show produced by Japanese global TV station, NHK WORLD, that introduces very fresh and most current “Kawaii” news to the world. This show covers fashion, anime and manga, character “bento” and sweets, beauty information such as hair styles and nails, traditional trends like “kimonos”, and more.

Also, the show frequently includes viewer’s events titled “Kawaii around the world” that allows its viewers across the world to join through video postings and various contests. By cooperating with its online content partner “Kawaii.i,” Kawaii International is all about producing and developing its episodes along with all these kawaii lovers outside Japan.The show airs entirely in English, and anybody with online access can watch it.

By downloading the NHK WORLD’s application (available both on Android and iPhone), the show can be viewed through smart phones as well.

NHK WORLD Pop&Cool Culture Page:

Kawaii International application page:

Kawaii International Homepage:

Kawaii International viewing page:



Kawaii.i Official LogoWith its theme of “Kawaii items, people, and events”, Kawaii.i introduces all of the latest Japanese pop-culture news and trends to the world. It is the online media that provides all sources of “Kawaii” information for people to discover, create, and enjoy their very own “Kawaii” (or cute) lifestyle.

On Kawaii.i, you can find all the latest Kawaii store information, fashion trends, and product info. Additionally, popular fashion magazine models demonstrate their special techniques such as make up skills and outfit coordinating skills in “Kawaii Tutorials.” Fashion magazine models guide the viewers to their very favorite spots in Tokyo in a travel feature called, “TOKYO PHOTO BOOK.” In order to further broaden and spread the “Kawaii” culture to the world, Kawaii.i is currently in its process of looking out for “Kawaii Leaders.”

Check out Kawaii.i’s Facebook page to find out how you can apply to become a “Kawaii Leader”

Kawaii.i Home Page:


Kimura U

Kimura U

While being active both as the fashion model for Harajuku style magazines such as KERA and as the creator/artists of such fashion culture, Kimura U’s talent attracted the attention of the government. In 2009, she was officially appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as “Kawaii Ambassador” with a mission to represent the pop-cultures of Japan to the world. Throughout her appearances at large scaled fashion and pop-culture events all over the world, including the guest appearance at “Paris Collection,” she became a pioneer in spreading the “Kawaii” culture to the world. In 2013, Kimura U collaborated with KOKKA to create an original line of patterned textiles. AX2012 guest LiSA’s photobook released last fall, “Kyou mo Ii Hi da” (Today is also a good day), also featured Kimura U’s illustrations on the cover. Also in 2013, Kimura U just launched original brand, KOKOkim. The “Moeru Harajuku = MoeHara” brand concept blends design elements from Akihabara and Harajuku.


Saaya Hayashida

Saaya Hayashida

Growing up with both parents working in the fashion industry, producer of “Swankiss,” Saaya Hayashida (pictured left), has been influenced by fashion her whole life.

In April 2012, Saaya appeared in a Fashion/Brand Producer Audition on TV Tokyo. After going through a very selective process for 6 months, she finally won the audition title. Shortly after she won the audition, she started the “Swankiss” brand and opened her first store in Shibuya 109.

Swankiss is clothing for the dreamy moments of girls all around the world, and the space where girls can be girls forever and shine like a swan. With “Romantic Vintage” as its theme, Swankiss offers fantasy-filled items that contain one-of-a-kind lace patterns and vintage-inspired details.