Frank Todaro

Industry Appearance
Voice Actor

Frank Todaro has provided the voices for Starscream in Transformers: The Prime Wars Trilogy, Tamami Kobayashi in Jojo's Bizare Adventure, Chudelkin in Sword Art Online, Beloukas in The Rising of the Shield Hero, and Reyson and Greil in Fire Emblem: Heroes.

Frank Todaro is a voice actor, actor, and emcee of live events, best known for playing the characters Starscream, Sludge, Trypticon and Longhaul in Transformers: The Prime Wars Trilogy and other media.  He is also the host of several award-winning radio programs about science and spooky stuff.


Some recent Anime work includes Chudelkin in Sword Art Online. Host Ebihara in Mob Psycho, Tamami Kobayashi in Jo Jo’s Bizzare Adventure, Beloukas in The Rising of the Shield Hero, Gun Toting Ant, Hollow and Kanjiru in the Hunter X Hunter franchise, Rakshas and Bonebeard in Berserk,  and several characters in Megalobox, Hero Mask, Konosuba, Gundam: Build Divers, Granblue Fantasy, and features including Laws of the Universe Part 1.


In recent video games, he is the voice of Reyson and Greil in Fire Emblem: Heroes, all the Tywom aliens in Star Control: Origins, Eli in Unavowed, and several characters in Fist of the North Star.  He can also be heard in several current animated series including RBUK, YooHoo to the Rescue and feature film The Ladybug.


He likely gravitated towards voice acting in part due to countless hours of Dungeons and Dragons as a kid in his native Queens, NY (he has been playing the same campaign since 1991), and is sometimes unsure which reality is the real one.


For more on Frank Todaro, visit his website at, or check out FrankTodaroVoice on Facebook, FTodaro on Instagram, and @Broadcast359 on Twitter.

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