Jason Marnocha

Industry Appearance
Voice Actor

Jason has provided voiceover work professionally for online content, video games, animation and now anime for six years, appearing most notably as Megatron in the Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy and Coach Nanbu in Megalobox.

Born in the small town of Zionsville in Indiana, Jason has been imitating the voices of celebrities and characters from movies for as long as he can remember, as most kids did (and probably ridiculously.) During college he took as many voiceover classes as possible, learning all he could of the craft and techniques. Jason remains incredibly grateful to his talented instructors, without whom he might never have been pushed enough or found enough hands-on experience. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio from Columbia College Chicago. Moving to Los Angeles in January of 2018, he’s found how much he especially enjoys dubbing work, some of his roles including Coach Nanbu in Megalobox, the Demon King in Seven Deadly Sins, Keicho Nijimura in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bushidora Ambitious in Hunter X Hunter, Hellvis in Hells, Naotora Momose in Sirius The Jaeger, Kirin Jodo in Mob Psycho 100 II, Orlin Dunhill in Rio: Rainbow Gate, and Thomas Astruc/Animaestro in Miraculous: The Adventures Of Ladybug And Cat Noir. He is represented by Abrams Artists Agency.

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