In 1998, ☆Taku, VERBAL & LISA formed m-flo. In 1999, they made their major debut & in 2018 m-flo celebrated their 20th debut anniversary.


m-flo presents "OTAQUEST LIVE" powered by LDH USA
Artist Line-up: m-flo, PKCZ® plus many more to be announced!!

When: Thursday, July 5
Doors Open 3:00 pm / Show Starts 4:00 pm

Where: Microsoft Theater

In 1998, ☆Taku, VERBAL and LISA formed m-flo and independently released “The Way We Were” to stunning success. In 1999, they made their major debut with “the tripod e.p.” which debuted 9th on the ORICON Chart. They released 12 singles and 2 albums resulting in consecutive hits. Their 2nd album “EXPO EXPO” sold 800k copies and impacted the Japan music scene. Following a departure to focus on solo activities in December 2017, LISA returned to m-flo after 15 years. m-flo celebrated their 20th debut anniversary in 2018 and once again brings fresh air into Japanese mainstream music.


☆Taku Takahashi: instagram.com/takudj
VERBAL: instagram.com/verbal_ambush
LISA: instagram.com/real_lisa_gn
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