Premier Fan Hotel Block Policy

The Premier Fan Hotel Block is reserved strictly for Premier Fans and is not part of the general attendee housing block. This block will consist of a selection of hotels within the block, which are TBA.

Premier Fans who are registered for AX 2018 will receive an email prior to the block opening day/time with the link for hotel reservations, along with an access code.

Premier Fans need to contact the booking agent or complete a hotel reservations online to reserve a room.

Please note the following Premier Fan Hotel Block Policy:
  • A valid Premier Fan Order # from Anime Expo 2018 is required to book a room in the Premier Fan Hotel Block.
  • Each Premier Fan can only reserve one room total.
    • Anyone found to have multiple rooms in his/her name or listed under his/her order # will have the extra room(s) cancelled.
  • Only Premier Fans can book rooms in the Premier Fan Hotel Block.
    • Non-Premier Fans who attempt to reserve a room in the Premier Fan Hotel Block will have his/her reservation(s) cancelled.
  • All Premier Fan rooms are self-pay and require a credit card to make the reservation.
  • Premier Fan Hotel Block will be available until TBA, or until it sells out.
    • After this date, any remaining rooms in the block will be released to general attendees.
  • Cancellation Policy: Each hotel has a different deadline for when you can request a cancellation of your reservation without incurring any charges or penalties. Please refer to the Hotel Booking Policies page for more information.
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