MYTH: Legends of Burlesque & Magic

This is one event you don’t want to miss!  Join internationally known Illusionist William Draven and Miss Universe (England) pageant contestant Vixen DeVille as they host simply one of the most impressive nights of burlesque and magic you have ever seen.  Marvel as five beautiful women tantalize and tease you in various forms of undress, allow your jaws to gape in awe as magicians read your minds, lay on beds of razor sharp spikes, drive nails into their skulls, crack dangerous bullwhips, prestidigitate, perform jaw dropping sleights of hand, escape from mental institution quality strait jackets, swallow razor sharp swords, walk on and eat broken glass.  Come for the magic, stay for the girls in an evening show that is unlike ANYTHING ever produced before or will be again at Anime Expo!  Be part of a sensation, be a part of MYTH!

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