Staff are non-paid volunteers who work throughout the year and at con to make Anime Expo and Anime Conji what they are. There are three major groups which departments and divisions fall under:

    • Entertainment
    • Operations
    • Business Operation

Click on the tabs above to learn more about the different departments that you can apply to!

Apply to be a Staff Member

  • Must be 18 years of age by the day of the convention
  • 8 hours of volunteering per day of the convention (40 total for AX, 24 for AC)
  • Complete staff paperwork and training prior to starting volunteering
  • Adhere to all SPJA volunteer policies/guidelines
  • Becoming a part of the close knit community of fans and friends
  • Free staff specific swag (i.e. staff only t-shirt)
  • Resume and experience building
  • Basic food/housing provisions during the convention
  • Behind the scenes look at how conventions and the industry are run
There are many different departments within SPJA-- over 10 for the Business Operations and over 30 specifically for Anime Expo. With over 1,500 volunteer staff, finding your home is important!
Divisions include: AV Tech, Interactive Events, Programming, Guest Relations. 

Department descriptions coming soon!

Divisions include: Facilities, Attendee Services.

Department descriptions coming soon!

Divisions include: Marketing, Technology, Staff Resources, Accounting.

Department descriptions coming soon!