AMV Theater

Featuring the largest collection of AMV-related programming

Anime Expo’s AMV Theater features the largest collection of AMV programming out of every convention in the nation. Whether you’re interested in the creation process, eager to show off your own work or just can’t get enough of AMVs, be sure to stop by and see what we have in store.

  • Also features AMV 101 to teach beginners on methods of the editing process.
  • Over 40 hours of unique AMV programming, including themed tracks.
  • Editors test their abilities in AMV Chef, which showcases a live editing process while editors compete to take home the prize.

Event Descriptions

See below for examples of AMV Theater programming. Check out the schedule when it's available to find out when things are happening!

AMV 101: The Basics

Want to make an AMV? Looking for some additional tips? We can help! Join us as we explore the arts of AMV creation. Make sure to bring lots of questions!

AMV Chef

The legendary duel between two AMV masters who have mere hours to create a fresh AMV using a twisted selection of ingredients! It’s fun and games with prizes for the audience, but sweat and stress for the chefs!

AMV Creator Takeover

Here’s your chance to meet the creators of some of your favorite AMVs as several revered creators takeover the room and present their works.

AMV Mortal Combat 2.0

Come join in the fun as we pit AMVs to fight it out in the video arena. Cheer on your favorites and help decide the fate of AMVs in Mortal Combat!

AMV Showcase

We’ve reached into our grab-bag and come up with a choice selection of AMV awesomeness from all over the world, some of which might never have been seen at AX before.

Awesomecore AMVs

There are some AMVs that are just plain bad, and then there are AMVs that are so stupendously bad they fall through the floor and land in the core of awesome! Come join the fun or ELSE we’ll give you a prize! (You DON’T want a prize.)

AX AMV Competition Time Travel Replay!

Ever wonder what AMVs were popular ten years ago? Want to enjoy a bit of nostalgia? Come join us as we take a trip to the past as we re-enact a previous AX AMV Competition, complete with applause metered judging!

AX AMV Competition - Best of the Non-Finalists

There’s only so many videos that we can put in the main competition, and our heart breaks at all of the awesome ones we didn’t have room to show you. These rough diamonds are worthy of your consideration!

Comedy on the Edge (18+)

You know what these are. These are those “special” comedy AMVs that’d have parents hunting the coordinators down with pitchforks. Here’s a special late night block full of ‘em!

Coming to a Theater Near You!

Anime Parody trailers have spawned a whole new class of AMVs, and we’ve got an hour full of them! These trailers might even be more interesting than the originals!

Cosplay Music Videos (CMVs)

Come and take a look into the world of Cosplay Music Videos as we present some of the clever and creative ways cosplaying is featured with music.

Now That's COMEDY!

Is it any wonder why it’s the most popular AMV category? Join us for a full block of comedy awesomeness! Get here early because the seats fill up fast!

The AMV Gameshow

Think you know AMVs? Even if not, everybody’s got a shot in this ultimate game of AMV trivia filled with chances to win awesome prizes and the glory of AMV Gameshow Champion.

Absolution Ride Along

Join TOM and SARA on board the Absolution as we pay tribute to many of our favorite shows, both past and present, with this action packed hour of AMVs. Stay gold!

Anime According to AMVs

You can always tell what an Anime is about by watching an AMV of it, right? Are you SURE? Come help us put this theory to the ultimate test as we pick random people from the audience to help explain the plot of several popular shows, as determined according to AMVs!

AMV Audio Swap

Sometimes random chance makes AMVs even more awesome. And we are going to prove it by taking existing AMVs and replacing the audio with a completely different song! What you end up with is unpredictable and even surprisingly very entertaining.

AMV Sing, Clap & Stomp-A-Long

And to finish it all off, come and join in as we Sing-A-Long, Clap-A-Long and Stomp-A-Long to AMVs!

AX AMV Team's Choice Awards

Some of us have seen a LOT of AMVs over the years, so why not showcase some of the ones that deserve some recognition! Join us as we journey through some of the greatest AMVs ever made in a wide variety of “interesting” categories.

Ponies Anthology 5 (Pony Hell)

And you thought the Pony experience was over! Pony up to laugh real hard to the most funniest and twisted moments from the world of pony.

Ultimate Rhythm Power Hour

Join us for an ultimate hour-long non-stop mega-mix of rhythmic AMV euphoria that escalates the beat and elevates the soul, no psychotropics necessary!

Did you stop by the AMV Theater and watch something that piqued your interest? Whether you want to start watching the anime used in the AMV or you want to see more of the creator’s work, the playlists have been posted on AMV fan community/forum, and linked below for your convenience.

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