Art Show

Celebrating Community through Art!

Attendees can opt to contribute or simply view the Art Show and Art Walls, both located in Kentia Hall (adjacent to Artist Alley and The Annex). Additionally, the Live Art areas give the opportunity to watch artists work and see the piece(s) take shape!

Art Show Form

The Art Show features works from the attendee community and showcases traditional art, sculpture, and models. To learn more about how to display your artwork at Anime Expo, please see the guidelines below.

Large walls of paper are available for attendees to leave their mark at Anime Expo.

  • NO inappropriate drawings. Please be mindful of the children that attend Anime Expo.
  • Do not write down links to any website. Advertising is not permitted.
  • Do not draw over other pieces of art without consent from artist.
  • Do not harass or bully other attendees.
  • Do not steal any art supplies or wall art.
  • Do not rip any of the paper off for drawing.
  • Feel free to take pictures or the artwork displayed on the walls.
  • Breaking any of these rules may result in censorship by AX Volunteers, badge confiscation, and/or immediate removal from the convention.

Artists are invited year to provide live art throughout the Anime Expo weekend. The finished pieces are usually available for sale at the end of the weekend, either via the artist directly or the Charity Auction.

Previous Participants include The Chalk Twins, Wacom, and Blizzard.


Anime Expo is honored to host gallery displays from studios and creators. Previous participants include: Akira Himekawa (2017), P.A. Works (2016), and Studio TRIGGER/Little Witch Academia (2015).

Types of art that can be displayed:

  • Original Painting and or Drawing (Traditional Media Only.)
    • Please note digital art and prints are not accepted.
  • Sculpture (traditional mediums such as wood, paper-mâché, metal, clay, etc.), custom-painted and/or handmade figures are accepted.
    • Please note 3D printed items will not be accepted.
  • Very limited photography will be accepted based on a first come, first served basis. Photographs must celebrate or showcase Japanese and/or Anime culture.

Note: We will NOT be selling the art but Artists are more than welcome to include a business card with their art for contact purposes.

  • All art must be family friendly and follow and strict PG guideline. We’re using the movie rating system as a guideline.
  • The SPJA reserves the right to refuse any art deemed inappropriate.
  • The SPJA is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged art displayed at the Art Show.
For Original Paintings and Drawings:

Paintings and Drawings will be displayed on panels; the pieces displayed on panels must be no larger than 37”w x 36”h. If you are entering only one piece, your art will be displayed with other artists’ work. There will be a maximum of 50 panels, which will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Display Options: Depending on how the size/quantity of art pieces you want to display, there are two options:

  • Full Panel Size: 38”w x 73”h
    • Recommended Display Area: 38″Wx36″H / one side only / 5 piece maximum)
  • Single Art Piece: Size cannot exceed 37”W x 36”H.

Additional Information:

  • Weight limit: 7 lbs.
  • All hanging art must be framed and wired for mounting prior to entering the pieces in the Art Show. Absolutely NO GLASS will be allowed in any piece. Clear plastic or acrylic such as Plexiglas is advised.
  • Artist information can be displayed on hanging art in the form of a business card in the bottom right corner of the piece.
For Sculptures/Figures/Etc:

Sculptures, custom-painted figures and/or handmade figures will be shown in a display case. Participants can choose to rent an entire shelf to display multiple items or simply display one item along with other artists’ works. Dimensions and photos coming soon.

Display Options:

  • Display Case: Whole Shelf
  • Display Case: Single Item

Additional Information:

  • Shelf dimensions TBD. Please make sure your pieces fit these dimensions.
  • Sculptures and figures must be able to stand on its own, with no additional support needed.
  • Artist information can be displayed with sculptures in the form of a business card.
For Photography

Photographs will be displayed on a panel under hot lights. Prints must be no bigger than 8in.x 10in. including the frame. Maximum of two prints per photographer due to limited space. There’s a total of two panels dedicated to photography with spots offered on a first come, first served basis.

Additional Information:

  • Weight limit: 7 lbs.
  • Prints MUST be framed and wired for hanging prior to submitting for the Art Show. Absolutely no glass will be accepted for showcasing. Clear plastic or clear acrylic, such as Plexiglass, are recommended for displaying.
  • Canvas prints will be accepted as long as they meet the size requirements and are wired ready for hanging.
  • Absolutely no resin or epoxy coated prints will be accepted.
  • Artist information can be displayed on hanging prints in the form of a business card placed in the bottom right corner of piece.

Artists may reserve space (panel or shelf) for the Art Show on site at Anime Expo. Artists may submit their art to be displayed at the Art Show on site on July 3rd, 2019 from 10AM-4PM at the purple Autographs Ticketing booth in Gilbert Lindsay Plaza.

Please be sure to read all the guidelines, restrictions, and display option information beforehand to make sure that your piece will

To register, please do the following:

  1. Check-in at Art Show Registration and fill out form with contact information.
  2. Your art piece(s) will be tagged and processed for display. To speed up this process please have your ID ready.
  3. Art will be displayed from Pre-Show Night through Day 4 in the Art Show area in The Annex, located in Kentia Hall.
  4. Participants must return to the Art Show area on Day 4 anytime between 10 AM-3 PM to pick up their art. After 3 PM, artwork can be picked up from 3-7PM at the purple Autographs Ticketing tent located on Gilbert Lindsay Plaza.
  5. SPJA cannot guarantee the return of any items not picked up during this timeframe. Any items left with Art Show after 7pm on Day 4 will become the property of the SPJA.
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