Please read this page carefully to find out how to get an autograph from guests at Anime Expo. However, please note that this policy does NOT apply to Industry Guests. Industry Guests are listed under the “Industry Appearances” tab on the Guest page. They also will be denoted as an “Industry Guest” with a corresponding tag on their thumbnail on the Guest page and via the mobile app.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Industry Appearance autograph sessions are always not managed or organized by Anime Expo. You will need to visit the guest’s respective booth, social media channels, and/or company website for more information about the relevant policies and procedures. Please see the guest's page for more information.

How to Get an Autograph from a Guest at Anime Expo

  • Check the Autograph Schedule

    You will need to know when the autograph session will take place in order to know when you need to line up to get the respective autograph ticket. Guests may have 1-3 autograph sessions throughout the weekend.

    Industry Autograph Schedule

    Guest of Honor Autograph Schedule

  • Get an Autograph Ticket

    The line for the Autograph Ticket Booth will start in Gilbert Lindsay Plaza outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center (next to Registration/Ticketing, in front of West Hall). Look for the purple Autograph Ticketing tent.

    • This starts as one single line which will split into six lines and signs will be posted on the booths to indicate which one is for which booth.
    • If you’re unsure about where and how to line up, don’t hesitate to ask an AX Access Control Volunteer. (They can be identified by their red vests.)
    • Tickets are distributed only for the autograph sessions scheduled on the same day.
      • Ticket Distribution Hours
        • Days 1-3: 8 AM - 4 PM
        • Day 4: 8 AM - 1 PM
    • For each session, 75 Priority Tickets will be issued first, followed by 50 Standby Tickets.
      •  Standby ticket holders are not guaranteed autographs but will have a chance to receive autographs at the discretion of the Guest of Honor(s) they are waiting for.
    • Please be aware that due to high demand for guest autographs, the line for autographs can start as early as the previous evening.
  • The Autograph Session

    Be sure to bring an item to be signed.

    • Attendees are responsible for providing their own items to be signed. All items are subject to the guest’s approval*. Some guests may provide an item such as a poster to be signed, but this is not guaranteed.
    • All items must be properly licensed, and it is recommended that the item is from a project that the guest has worked on.
    • Rules and restrictions on what will or will not be signed are subject to change so please be sure to have your item checked by Autograph Staff prior to any session. Attendees are recommended to bring at least one backup item in case their item of choice cannot be signed.

    Head over to the Autograph Area in Kentia Hall.

    • Please refer to the Autograph Ticket to find out which booth/table the session will take place in.
    • Lines start 30 minutes prior to each session.

    If you have a:

    • Priority Ticket: The number printed on a Priority Ticket does not correspond to your place in line.
    • Standby Ticket: Standby ticketholders must line up numerically in their designated area behind the guaranteed ticketholders of the same session. Numbers are listed on each ticket.

Autograph Ticket Info

  • All autograph sessions hosted by AX require an autograph ticket.
  • Tickets are limited to one per person per session and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • One autograph ticket will grant each attendee only one autograph. Only one autograph ticket may be redeemed per person per session.
  • Tickets are only valid for the session printed on the ticket.
There are two types of tickets:
  • Priority: These tickets are guaranteed* an autograph from the respective guest at the session printed on the ticket.
  • Standby: Standby ticket holders are not guaranteed autographs but will have a chance to receive autographs at the discretion of the Guest of Honor(s) they are waiting for.

What is the procedure for attendees represented by the ADA and their helper(s) and what is the procedure if an ADA attendee does not have a helper?

Attendees represented by ADA must have an ADA sticker which can be picked up at any Info Services Booth. See sections marked in RED for procedures if the ADA attendee does not have a helper.

During Ticketing:

ADA attendees and one helper* both need a ticket for each autograph session they attend, whether they get a Priority ticket or a Standby one (see next section). ADA attendees must wait in the general attendee line, to keep fairness of the first come, first served policy. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. If the ADA attendee for any reason cannot wait in line to get a ticket, we will have a volunteer on standby to act as a proxy to wait in line for them with the ADA attendee’s helper. (If available)

*ADA attendees are not required to have a helper with them.

During Session:

Priority tickets: ADA attendees with priority tickets are allowed front-of-line access due to time constraints of each session. It is recommended that ADA attendees with Priority tickets should show up about 15 minutes before the start of the session as they cannot show up during the session to take advantage of front-of-line access. ADA attendees are limited to have one helper accompanying them when taking advantage of front-of-line access. Once a session begins, Priority ticket holders have to be in line when the session starts.

Standby tickets: For Standby tickets, it will be the same procedure as waiting in line. ADA attendees with Standby tickets are not guaranteed front-of-line access as the ticket lines are organized numerically for fairness. This is subject to change on a case-by-case basis due to autograph session traffic. ADA attendees with Standby tickets should arrive when the desired autograph session is halfway done as that will be the time when the organization of the standby line is well underway. A proxy will be provided for an ADA attendee with a Standby ticket should he/she would like one for any reason (if available).

Please contact an Autographs Staff Volunteer to for ADA assistance!

Important Notes

Autograph sessions are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. Autograph tickets of any kind only denote eligibility to receive an autograph at the specified Guest of Honor’s scheduled signing session.

If you have questions about the autograph session or policy, please ask an AX Autographs Volunteer at the Autograph Ticket Booth, located in Gilbert Lindsey Plaza outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center (Purple Tent “AX Autograph Ticketing”).

Premier Fans do not get special privileges for Autograph Ticketing or Autograph Sessions. They must line up for ticketing and sessions along with general attendees. No exceptions will be made.

*As long as there are no extraordinary circumstances such as natural or man-made disaster, illness, or giant robot attacks that prevent the GoH from holding an autograph session.

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