How To Attend

A step-by-step guide on all the main things to know prior to attending Anime Expo:

  • Get Your Badge

    A badge is the first thing you’ll need to get in order to attend Anime Expo. There are a few different types of badges:
    • 4-Day: Best value! Use all four days to explore everything AX has to offer
    • 1-Day: Can’t make it the whole weekend or just want to check out AX? Try the 1-Day badge!
    • 4-Day Child: For ages 6-13; kids 5 and under are free. There are no 1-Day child badges.
    • Press: Complimentary badge for those intending to do press coverage.
    • Industry: Discounted badge for people who work in the industry. (Application required)
    • Exhibitor: Only available for confirmed Exhibitors.
    • Artist Alley: Only available for confirmed Artist Alley participants.

    TIP: Buy early! Badges purchased early will be mailed out to USA and Canada. Badge prices also increase as the date for Anime Expo draws near, so be sure to get your badge early!

    Buying a badge onsite or day-of: Onsite prices will be higher than purchasing a badge online. If you still wish to purchase onsite, you may do so during registration hours on Days 1-4, based on badge availability.

    Transfer your Badge: If you bought a badge for your friend, make sure you transfer the badge to their ShowClix account!

    Step 1: Log into your ShowClix account and click "Manage Anime Expo 2023 Profile".

    Step 2: Click the "Transfer Items" button.

    Step 3: Enter the email address of the person you wish to transfer the badge to, then check the box next to the badge you will be transferring.

    Step 4: Click on the "Transfer" button to complete.

    Step 5: Lastly, the recipient will receive an email notifying them to accept the transferred badge.

    Here is a visual guide

    Activate your Badge: Once you receive your badge, whether shipped or at Badge Pick-Up, you will need to activate it.

    Step 1: Scan the QR code or log into Showclix "My Tickets" account

    Step 2: Click on the "Manage Anime Expo 2023 Profile”.

    Step 3: Click on "Activate Badge."

    Step 4: Find the activation number located on the back of the badge in ORANGE. Type only the last 8 characters into the box and click "Activate."

    Here is a visual guide for activating badges.

    Questions regarding registration can be directed to Need help with locating your registration info or transferring/upgrading your badge? Visit the Anime Expo Help Center for assistance.

  • Plan Ahead

    Things to figure out before AX:
    1. Budget: Check out our handy budget worksheet for help.
    2. How to get to AX and where to stay: Anime Expo takes place in Downtown LA at the Los Angeles Convention Center and adjacent areas, such as JW Marriott and Microsoft Theater.
    3. Cosplay(s): Select the character(s), make a budget, and chart out a timeline well in advance so that you're not up until 3 AM the day before AX crying over a wig that just won't cooperate or a seam that you have to rip out and re-do for the third time. Trust us...It's not a good way to start your AX weekend.
    4. What do you want to do and see? With 800+ hours of programming, 400+ exhibitor booths, and 500+ Artist Alley participants, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Try to plan out your day by making a list of things you want to check out and have backup plans in case you can't get into your first-choice due to scheduling conflicts or limited capacity.
    Other things to keep in mind: 

    There will be lines.

    With over 100,000 people at AX interested in many of the same things you are, expect lines for panels, autograph sessions, food, buying merch at booths in the Exhibit Hall, and more. Be cognizant of which panel rooms will be cleared between events and which ones won't. Check the program room policies and/or event descriptions for more information.

    Remember, there’s only so much time in a day (or weekend).

    We work very hard to bring a wide variety of events, panels, and activities to Anime Expo. As much as we’d love to share them all with all of our attendees, it’s likely that you won’t be able to do or see everything. With multiple events and panels running at the same time, you may have to make some hard choices.

    Take care of yourself.

    • Wear comfy shoes! Did you know that the Exhibit Hall alone is equivalent to the size of six football fields? Be aware that you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking and standing around (in lines), so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. (Plus, use insoles, especially for cosplay-specific shoes.) Attendees typically walk around 5-10 miles per day.
    • Bring sunscreen (and maybe a hat, too). Most lines are located outside of the building, and while they are tented, it's possible you may spend some time in the sun while walking around.
    • Set aside money for food and bring a refillable water bottle. With food trucks, restaurants, and grocery stores nearby, there's plenty of options no matter what your budget is. There's also water fountains located next to just about every restroom in the convention center.
    • Try to get some rest. We know you're very excited for AX and want to make sure your cosplay is perfect, but losing sleep before the event even starts is not a good way to prepare for multiple long days of being on your feet.
  • Anime Expo has Arrived!

    Badges will be mailed out in advance! Don't forget to bring it with you!

    If you missed the cutoff date for badge mailing or are visiting from outside the US/Canada, you will need to pick up your badge onsite:

    1. Bring the following with you:
      • QR Code Confirmation (email printout, PDF via your phone, or ShowClix mobile app)
      • Valid, government-issued photo ID (i.e. Drivers License, Passport, Military ID, etc.)
      • If you are under 18, please bring your parent or legal guardian with you to pick up your badge. If you’re 13 and under, the adult present when you pick up your badge must also have purchased a badge and accompany you throughout the duration of the event.
      • IMPORTANT: Except for Child badges, each registered attendee must pick up their own badge.
    2. Head to the appropriate badge pick-up area. Check out the Hours & Maps page for more information.

    TIP: Be careful not to lose your badge! If you do, getting a replacement will cost an additional fee.

    Need help with locating your registration info or transferring/upgrading your badge?

    Check out our Support Center for assistance.

    Planning to go to a ticketed event? Don't forget to pick up your ticket!
  • Enjoy Anime Expo!

    Check out the tips below for some info and resources to help make sure you have a good experience at AX:
    • Check the Schedule: Chances are, you’ve already checked the schedule beforehand, but if you haven’t be sure to check it out to see what AX has to offer. Also, be sure to download the mobile app once it’s available for all the latest information!
    • Don't forget to hydrate. Be sure to drink lots of water - it’s going to be summertime in Southern California! Bring a refillable water bottle – there are drinking fountains available near the bathrooms.
    • Eating is good. We know there’s a lot of things you want to see and do, but don’t forget to take the time to eat. Feel free to bring a bento, especially if you're on a budget! You'll also be able to find food trucks outside, various food vendors inside, and restaurants nearby. Be aware that you'll likely run into lines when getting food, be sure to bring snacks that a hamster-loving girl would approve of.
    • Try to get at least around 6 hours of sleep: Getting cranky due to sleep deprivation is no fun for you or your friends. A decent amount of sleep each night will help ensure a fun experience for everyone.
    • Don’t forget, we’re here to help! Visit an Information Services booth if you have any questions. We also have a number of services available for your convenience such as lockers and the Quiet Lounge.

We hope you’ve found this page helpful! Think something is missing? Feel free to email us!

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