The Annex

Discover something new, something edgy, something fun and exciting.

The Annex is a new concept space located in Kentia Hall, adjacent to Artist Alley. Established in 2018, The Annex serves as a space to showcase creators' designs alongside fashion brands, curated to feature only the most cutting-edge fashion and art. Additionally, The Annex includes live art, portfolio reviews, the AX Memorabilia Exhibit, an attendee lounge area, a lounge area for Artist Alley participants and exhibitors, and a few other one-of-a-kind experiences you won't find anywhere else.

The Annex Exhibitors List

Anthony Wang Shoes ANX-100, 102

Litarnes ANX-104

Elogical Cosmetics ANX-106

sonyalei ANX-108

Ying's Art ANX-110, 112

OLO Marker ANX-114

Chirofish ANX-116,117

Pokettostyle ANX-118

Sakuradragon ANX-119

Wooji ANX-200


Art of Goju ANX-212


Dreamily Apparel ANX-215


Sushito Clothing ANX-217

Akanyte ANX-218

Bryce Kho Draws ANX-300, 302

Ghost Boat ANX-301, 303

Lunaurum Art ANX-304, 306

Sang Lam Art ANX-305

LacedTea ANX-307

LoversOverLosers ANX-308

Art by Ellen Ma ANX-309

Miss Candyholic ANX-310,312

starcrossed lovelies ANX-311

Rawry and Pohly ANX-313, 315

Best Auntie Ever ANX-314

V1 Tech ANX-316

ABG Research Club ANX-322


Orange Inc. ANX-325

Copic ANX-400

BRiiiDGE ANX-402,ANX-403

Kiyo Studios ANX-404

Pastel Street ANX-405

Popkiller ANX-406

Bubble Jar Art ANX-407

Yokai Sekai ANX-408

VoidwearApparel ANX-409

Sozoroo ANX-410

Art of Josey Tsao ANX-411

Art of Dominic Glover ANX-412

BISOULOVELY ANX-414,415,416,417

Pam's Fabrication Station ANX-418

Gerry Draws ANX-419

Egglien Creations ANX-420, ANX-422

Ukiyo-e Heroes ANX-421, ANX-423

Gallery Panda ANX-501

Cutie Pop Nail Shop ANX-507, 509

Vina of the Valley ANX-FB1

Forest Girl Clothing ANX-FB2

The Black Ribbon ANX-FB3



Annex Map

Featured Artists

Throughout the weekend, our talented artists will be onsite making largescale, unique art pieces. Come witness the artists create beautiful pieces live in The Annex.

Portfolio Sessions

Anime Expo is once again proud to provide aspiring artists with a venue to gather, learn, and gain feedback on their artwork from industry professionals as it is important that artists have a friendly, encouraging environment with which to enjoy all aspects of anime. These Portfolio Review sessions are strictly to help provide feedback and guidance to the next generation of anime artists. These reviews are free of charge with no obligation from either side to move forward with a business relationship.


  • Each session must be completed within 15 minutes.
  • You may bring a physical portfolio for review. If you are going to bring a digital portfolio, make sure your phone or tablet are fully charged and that your artwork is already downloaded to your device. Internet and power will not be provided onsite.
  • Do NOT ask for autographs or photos.
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