Bre Indigo


Bre Indigo (she/they) is an illustrator who has worked as character designer and pencils artists.


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When: Friday - July 3 at 7:55 PM - 8:40 PM PDT
Twitch - Channel 2

Bre Indigo (she/they) is an illustrator from Battle Creek, Michigan with a soft spot for comics. She currently resides in Southern California where she has worked as character designer and pencils artists on the graphic novel ‘Meg, Jo,Beth, and Amy’ (LBYR). She is currently working as illustrator for Feiwel and Friends’ ‘The Dog Knight’ with Jeremy Whitley, and Harper Alley’s ‘Northranger’ with Rex Ogle. Together with her wife, Bre is writing and illustrating ‘Jamie’, an ongoing lgbtq+ Young adult web-comic that can be read on or the Tapas app for free and you can find her social media @ndgoarts just about anywhere. Bre loves to tell bittersweet stories of gentle boys, strong girls and the great people in between. When they are not telling stories or drawing, they are making memories with their wife and creative partner, Tami and their fur-baby, Riley.

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