Henry Thurlow


Director/Animator at D`ART Shtajio


East Meets West—Getting Into the Anime Industry as a Foreigner
Join CEO of D’ART Shtajio, Arthell Isom as he discusses the steps needed to forge a successful career within the anime industry as a foreigner. Having lived in Japan for 15 years now, Isom started his animation career as a background artist at Ogura Kobou, founded by the Art Director of “Ghost in the Shell”, and has faced several challenges along the way. The East meets West panel is designed to help interested artists avoid the pitfalls of the industry and help prepare them for what to expect culturally, artistically, and professionally.

When: Friday - July 3 at 10:10 PM - 11:10 PM PDT
Where: Youtube / Twitch

Graduate of Pratt University, Henry Thurlow spent his early years of animation working out of New York City on a variety of different projects, including the notorious ‘Superjail’ on Adult Swim. Feeling unfulfilled in his work, Henry sought an artistic change and decided to pursue a lifelong dream of moving to Japan to work on anime. Since then, Thurlow has had a fruitful career in the anime industry, working for some of Japan’s most acclaimed animation studios, and has served as an in-between animator, layout artist, and key animator for several popular anime series. Henry started D’ART Shtajio alongside Arthell Isom, and Darnell Isom to push his artistic boundaries even further by working on projects that he feels inspired and challenged by.

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