Cosplay Senpai

Jihatsu is an up-and-coming Midwest cosplayer who is following his heart, pursuing his passions, and looking to share his journey of positivity and creativity. He has been cosplaying for just over 8 years, and currently lives and creates his cosplays in Des Moines, Iowa.

Jihatsu has been cosplaying since 2011. He is self-taught, having learned everything about props, armor, wig styling, and make-up on his own. He has had the privilege to guest in the Midwest at conventions like Naka-Kon and is growing his guesting portfolio with conventions like New York Comic Con and Holiday Matsuri. He is a frequent panelist and workshop host, focusing on cosplay community talks, custom styling culture to cosplay, and workshops on dreadlock wig styling for beginners. With his belief that cosplay can be a hobby for everyone, his goal is to motivate everyone to try it and remind us that cosplay is all about what you make of it.


For press inquiries, please reach out to jihatsuuu@gmail.com.


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