Julie Maddalena

Voice Actor

Julie is a voice actor who also directs commercial and animation demos as well as providing audition coaching for the working professional.


Adventures in Voice Acting Presents: Inside the Voice Actors Studio: Anime Directors Roundtable
Join us for an anime directors roundtable discussion with established anime directors. They will discuss what young actors need to know to break into the business, what they are looking for from young actors first trying to make it, and the new challenges facing actors trying to navigate the evolving “New Normal” of the Voice Acting world of Anime.

When: Saturday - July 4 at 3:10 PM - 4:05 PM PDT
Where: Twitch - Channel 2

Julie has been working as a professional in the entertainment industry for almost 40 years. She began acting, singing and dancing on the stage and moved quickly to commercials, television and film She has had the opportunity to experience every aspect of the production process. Julie began writing for children’s dramas and comedies 20 years ago, adapting scripts for stage and film, directing these productions as well. Serving as director, Julie brings the unique perspective of her decades of acting experience. She started as a child actress herself and then raised three children of her own, home-educating and coaching them in their own entertainment industry journey. 30 years ago, Julie fell into voice acting and now has a long and varied list of productions she has had the privilege to work on. After being pursued regularly for mentoring and career consulting, Julie added voiceover coaching to her resume. Starting with private coaching and mentoring of kids of all ages, she was soon teaching classes out of her home, finally moving to Bangzoom where she continues to teach, direct, write and mentor up and coming actors and directors. The focus of her classes are as follows: Character Voice acting 101-103 (moving actors through the fundamentals of voice acting and into more demanding and complex characterizations), Improvologue (combining Improv techniques with scripted monologues to encourage breakthrough for voice actors) and Animation labs (workouts where the actors are critiqued and directed). These classes run year-round and she continues her private coaching and mentoring on a weekly basis. In her spare time, Julie is helping to produce a feature film, write a short film, develop another feature, and consult on a variety of projects, including adapting a children’s book into an audiobook format and producing it!


The most recent projects she has directed at Bangzoom include three series: Dragon Ball Super (Southeast Asia version), Magic Kaito, Granblue Fantasy, Katuri, Rising of the Shield Hero and Ascendance of a Bookworm.

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