Kaye Cosplay

Cosplay Senpai

Kaye Cosplay is a costuming professional for Walt Disney Parks around the globe, as well as an award-winning plus-sized cosplayer with fifteen years of experience.


AX Cosplay Senpai Roundtable
Join AX’s previous Cosplay Senpai in an in-depth discussion on the importance of inclusion and acceptance within the cosplay community. Just like All Might, our Senpai will pass along their knowledge and experience, to help you gain confidence in both your cosplays and unique self-expression. This conversation will help you understand that no matter what your race, gender, background or body type, you have what it takes to “Go beyond plus ultra and make a difference in your community!

When: Friday - July 3 at 6:20 PM - 7:20 PM PDT
Where: Meeting Room

Kaye Cosplay is an award-winning cosplayer and costuming professional for Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. Since 2005, she has won numerous cosplay competition titles including representing the United States for the International Cosplay League in 2017. Many who follow her work have come to know Kaye for her craftsmanship, skill, technicality, and precision in sewing. As a plus-sized woman, Kaye Cosplay confidently showcases that anyBODY can cosplay the characters that they love.


For press inquiries, please contact kayecosplay@gmail.com.


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