Cosplay Senpai

Nyanbifairy, formerly known as “Niicakes,” is a non-binary cosplayer and anime hairstylist based in Los Angeles, CA. They are best known for their Tokyo Mew Mew cosplays and for bringing anime hair to life on their clients.

Nyanbifairy has been creating cosplays for 13 years and counting. Their costumes range from 90’s and early 2000’s classics to the newest and trendiest series. Their passion for all things anime and video games started in early childhood and has only flourished throughout the years. They have participated in masquerades, idol competitions, and have been featured on KTLA News, Cosmode, and Cosplay Realm magazines.


Whether it’s sewing, crafting props, or styling wigs, Nyanbifairy is always up for a challenge and loves to learn new skills and techniques with every costume they create. They have even combined their love for anime and games into their self-owned hair business, ★KiRa KiRa Cuts ‘n Color where they specialize in bringing 2D hair to life while also providing a safe space for LGBTQA+ folks and anime fans to truly express themselves in.


Nyanbifairy’s ultimate goal is to encourage and inspire people to be their authentic selves and live out their cosplay and hair dreams.


For press inquiries, please reach out to nicomeadow@yahoo.com.


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