Yui Tanabe


Lead Artist, thatgamecompany


Painting The Skies: A Conversation with The Artists of thatgamecompany
With the first anniversary of Sky this month, meet the award-winning thatgamecompany studio and go behind-the-scenes to discover the team's unique approach to creating beautifully animated and emotionally-impactful games such as 'Journey', 'Flower' and their newest social adventure - 'Sky'. From art direction, animation, music score to storytelling, Yui Tanabe (Lead Artist), Vincent Diamante (Composer), Aaron Jessie (Environment Artist), Scott Stribling (Animator) and Ashley Coad (Concept Artist) chat to moderator Jennie Kong (Narrative Writer) on the making of the games. Expect fun insights and a Sky fan Q&A in this exclusive Anime Expo panel!

When: Saturday - July 4 at 2:25 PM - 2:55 PM PDT (see timezone chart)
Where: Twitch - Channel 2

Yuichiro is the studio’s Lead Artist and is responsible for crafting concept sketches and prototype scenes, which define the visual direction and the unique look of Sky.

Yuichiro grew up in Ecuador with a Japanese family before settling in America to study at college. He believes his multicultural upbringing sparked an interest in using visual communication to create engaging interactive experiences that transcended any language. After finishing his BFA in Interactive Media at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Yuichiro worked as a multimedia artist, animator and interactive designer before joining thatgamecompany to work on Sky.

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