D.C. Douglas

Voice Director

D.C. is know for voicing 100s of video game, anime and cartoon voices - from Star Wars and Mass Effect to Resident Evil and One Piece. Oh, he was in Star Trek Enterprise and Sharknado 2!

In a remarkable 30-year career in “The Biz,” here’s the rundown:

VIDEO GAMES: Notable roles include Rayvis in “Star Wars Jedi:Survivor,” Svarog in “Honkai: Star Rail,” Albert Wesker in 9 “Resident Evil” games (2007’s “Umbrella Chronicles” to 2019’s “Teppen”), Legion in “Mass Effect” 2 & 3, Kamoshida in “Persona 5,” Pod 042 in “Nier: Automata,” Grimoire Noir in “Nier: Replicant,” Burton in “Borderlands 3,” Azrael in “Blazeblue,” Raven in “Tekken 6,” Gunter in “Fire Emblem: Fates,” 89 in “AI: The Somnium Files,” Rufus in the “Trails” series, and numerous other Japanese RPGs and indie American games.

ANIME: Yoshikage Kira in “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” Kalego in “Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun,” Shinji in “Lycoris Recoil,” Geo in “Bastard!,” X Drake in “One Piece,” Ryu in “Shaman King 2021,” The Praetorian in “Super Crooks,” Master in “Akudama Drive,” and many more.

CARTOONS: Notable roles include Deathstroke in “DC Super Hero Girls,” Newton on “The Rocketeer,” Chase on “Transformers: Rescue Bots,” Colonel Rawls on the final season of “Regular Show,” Superman on “Family Guy,” Mick in “The Tom and Jerry Show,” and more.

FILM & TV: For cultish brownie points, he was Pa Kettle in “Z Nation,” Bud in “Sharknado 2,” Zepht in “Star Trek: Enterprise,” Aiden Wexler in SyFy’s “Isle of the Dead,” and over 200 other appearances across a range of shows and films in the last 25 years.

For a more, check out IMDB and DCDouglas.com.

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