Jahara Jayde

Cosplay Senpai

Jahara is best known for her anime and gaming cosplay, including all 9 Sailor Scouts, Princess Zelda, and many Final Fantasy characters!

Jahara is a lifelong entertainer and US-based creator with a deep love for video games, anime, fantasy, cosplay, and her family. She enjoys streaming games that tell in-depth stories, and sharing her candid experience with her viewers through both the sad and happy tears.

Known as one of the most prolific cosplayers in the anime and gaming community, Jahara has cosplayed all nine Sailor Scouts, nine versions of Princess Zelda, and a large array of Final Fantasy characters! Jahara strives to bring more representation for PoC fans and creators in gaming, fantasy, and cosplay.

Press contact: jahara@nani.gg


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