Cosplay Senpai

Jihatsu is a Midwest cosplayer, who is following his belief that cosplay is what you make it and is pursuing his passion to show others through positivity and creativity. Jihatsu has been cosplaying for just over 10 years, and currently lives and creates his cosplays in Bedford, Texas.

Jihatsu has been cosplaying since 2012 and is completely self-taught, learning everything on his own from prop-making, creating armor, styling wigs, and cosmetic and prosthetic make up. He has had the privilege to guest locally in the Midwest and East Coast, from Naka-Kon to New York Comic Con. He has experience in Q&A panels, cosplay community talk panels, dread lock wig working for beginners, and adding your style/culture to cosplay.


For press inquiries, please reach out to jihatsuuu@gmail.com.


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