Lex Lang

Industry Appearance
Voice Actor

Lex Lang is a fan-favorite American voice actor with over 400 credits in Anime, Animation, and Video Games including Suguru Geto, Wargreymon, Sanosuke Sagara, Goku and Dr. Neo Cortex!

Lex’s iconic roles include, Suguru Geto in the hit film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Wargreymon in Digimon, Sozin the Fire Lord in Avatar the Last Airbender, Goemon Ishikawa in Lupin the Third, Jagged Stone in Miraculous Lady Bug, Hayate Gekko and Teuchi in Naruto, Omaeda in Bleach, Kenshiro in Fist of the North Star, Yuri in Megalobox, Sanosuke Sagara in Rurouni Kenshin, Goku in Dragonball Super for Toonami Asia, Egor and Shu in Durarara X2, Zagato, Lantis and Rayearth in Magic Knight Rayearth, Ecliptor, Zen Aku, Rygog and Lerigot in Power Rangers, plus voices in Star Wars, Crash Bandicoot, Doom Patrol and many more!

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