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Mari Iijima


Mari Iijima is an accomplished singer and songwriter, pianist, and music producer based in LA.

Mari Iijima is an accomplished singer and songwriter who has released numerous top 10 albums through Victor Entertainment Japan and Warner Music Japan. She wrote all of the music and lyrics for her critically acclaimed debut album “Rosé”, which was produced by renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Right after she signed with Victor Entertainment Japan, she was chosen to play the singing heroin “Lynn Minmay” for the animation series and film “Macross”. Because of that reason, she is well-known among animation fans all over the world. Mari is very popular among City Pop communities, she is getting some well-deserved new recognition from music fans all over the world. Mari is currently working on her 26th original studio album. On August 6th, 2022, her hit 90s album “My Heart in Red” will be re-released in Japan as a part of the City Pop on Vinyl Project.Her upcoming Tokyo concerts will be held on September 17, 2022

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