Masahiko Minami

Guest of Honor

President and Producer of BONES INC. Formerly at Sunrise, in 1998, he co-founded BONES with Hiroshi Ousaka and Toshihiro Kawamoto.

Masahiko Minami started at Sunrise as a production coordinator, producing notable works like “The Vision of Escaflowne” and “Cowboy Bebop.” In 1998, he co-founded the animation studio BONES with animators Hiroshi Ousaka and Toshihiro Kawamoto. Their focus was on creating works that prioritized the movement and animation of characters. BONES titles include: “Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Eureka Seven,” “Space Dandy,” “Bungo Stray Dogs,” and “My Hero Academia.” Their next project is the sci-fi/action original series “Metallic Rouge.”

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