Nomes Cosplay

Cosplay Senpai

Nomes is a UK-based cosplayer who meddles in less-explored corners of cosplay, such as extreme wig styling, puppetry and prosthetic make up work.

Nomes is a cosplay veteran of 10 years from the United Kingdom (UK).

A passion for performing led her to international contests; most recently Nomes represented the UK at the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2018, finished 3rd at WCS 2021 and will compete at the Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup finals in 2022. She finished 4th in the Arda Iron wig contest in 2015 and has been running her own wig commission business since 2016.
Her goal is to share knowledge, which she does through creating text, picture and video tutorials as well as sparking cosplay-related social and historical discussions.
Travelling to contests and meeting cosplayers from different countries has gifted her with a diverse friendship circle of humans brought together through a shared love for cartoon heroes.

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