S-Class Supply


Hand tufted art, based out of Los Angeles CA. Turning bags of yarn in to one of a kind anime/gaming inspired pieces.


My name is Justin Colegrove, Simi Valley native currently residing in Los Angeles CA. What started out as a Covid activity quickly turned into a full time “job” tufting custom rugs. I’ve always bounced around trying new mediums, and rug making was next in line. After doing tons of research I was ready to begin January 2021 in the corner of my dining room. I quickly became infatuated with learning the process and had all the time in the world to figure it out due to unemployment. 


Most of my work is heavily influenced by anime and gaming, two peak interests of mine. I enjoy making larger, more detailed rugs so expect to see just that!


All I really want to do is have fun, make art, and keep improving my craft. Thank you to all the friends and supporters along the way.

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