Spiral Cats

Spiral Cats is Korea’s #1 cosplay team, bringing charm and high-grade costume creation to events, streams and performances worldwide.

Spiral Cats was founded to introduce professional cosplay as a new method of advertising. Team captain Tasha has 20 years of cosplay experience and vast knowledge of cosplay trends. Her teammate Doremi has been a cosplayer for 15 years, and together they have brought hundreds of video game and anime characters to life for industry events, advertisements and promotional appearances. The team has also brought its unique charm and attitude to live streaming on Twitch and YouTube. Visit Bit.ly/2GwsSLz for more information!


The incredible Spiral Cats pro cosplay team is coming to Anime Expo, courtesy of Nicalis! Catch Tasha and Doremi at the Nicalis booth (#3506) and find out which characters they will portray!


For press inquiries, please contact Kimtaisik@naver.com.


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