Tomotaka Shibayama

Guest of Honor

Tomotaka Shibayama is an Animation Film Director at Studio Colorido .

Joined Studio Ghibli as a cel painter and made contributions in the work, “Spirited Away.” He eventually started off his career as an animation artist. He has done many works in A-1 Pictures by utilizing his promising techniques and rich expressions.  He is now one of the main creators in Studio Colorido. In 2020, he debuted as a director by releasing the first animated feature film, “A Whisker Away” released on Netflix.


    -“A Whisker Away” (Film/2020) as film director

    -“Penguin Highway” (Film/2018) as storyboard artist

    – “YKK presents ‘FASTENING DAY 3′” (Web Commercial/2017) as film director

    – “McDonald ‘Mirai no Watashi'” (Web Commercial/2016) as animation director

 - “The Anthem of the Heart” (Film/2015) as effect director


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