Twiin Cosplay

Cosplay Judge

TWIIN Cosplay is a cosplay duo make up of Shema and Juan. They represented WCS Team Mexico in 2015, where they won the title of Grand Champion.

Twiin Cosplay is a cosplay duo make up of Shema and Juan. Guided by their passion for cosplay, they began their adventure in 2015.  For Twiin, cosplay is a unique art and never-ending personal challenge which has let them discover that nothing is impossible when you completely love what you do.


Twiin has had the chance to participate in multiple international competitions, including the one where they debuted as a team: The World Cosplay Summit. As WCS Team Mexico 2015, their costumes and performance of The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask were awarded the title of Grand Champion. Their detailed work and distinctive style have granted them the opportunity to work alongside several International video game and anime companies such as League of Legends,  Bandai Namco, Crunchyroll, and TOEI Animation. They have been honored to be invited as judges for some of the most renowned international cosplay competitions in the world including the EUROPEAN COSPLAY GATHERING (ECG) in France, the Gyeonggi International Cosplay Festival (GIFCOF) in South Korea, the Global Easter Cosplay International Competition (POLYMANGA) in Switzerland, and WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT Championship in Japan. As of 2020, they have been invited as cosplay guests to more than 100 different events around the world.


Their goal is to inspire people to follow their dreams, no matter what they are, regardless if those dreams are part of the world of cosplay. They hope to do this by sharing the lessons they have learned from creating their costumes and their adventures around the world. They feel that there is no greater to pursuit than conquering a dream you love, letting yourself learn, fail and grow, and make something you thought was impossible into a reality. For them, cosplay is the art of making dreams come true.


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