Yusuke Kozaki

Guest of Honor

Nintendo / Pokemon Go Character Designer

Yusuke Kozaki is a prolific illustrator, manga creator, and character designer for the animation, film, and video game industries in Japan. Starting out as a manga artist in 1997, Kozaki-san has since worked on several well known video games, comics, and films. His manga Donyatsu was made into an animated series. Some of the notable titles include:
Pokemon Go (Illustrator / Character Designer)
Fire Emblem (Illustrator / Character Designer) Awakening, Fates, Heroes
No More Heroes (Illustrator / Character Designer)
Tekken 7 (Character Designer)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Illustrator / Character Designer)
Speed Grapher (Illustrator / Character Designer)
Super Smash Bros (Character Designer) Robin, Lucina, Corrin
Donyatsu (Writer / Creator)


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