• AMV Competition

    If you’re asking ''What’s an AMV?'' then you’ve got to come see what you’ve been missing! AMV stands for Anime Music Videos and they’re astonishingly creative anime-to-music mash ups made by fans!

Anime Expo’s AMV Competition is one of our most cherished and longest running events.

The Anime Music Video (AMV) Competition is a visual rhapsody of music and anime featuring a wild assortment of music videos created by fans just like you. Out of hundreds of submissions received every year, we carefully curate a sensational selection of Drama, Action, Sentimental, Fun, Rhythm, and Comedy videos in a professionally presented three hour event where you pick the winner!

For those of you who also fancy yourselves as creators rather than just spectators, we welcome your work! We accept submissions from anybody and everybody, local or foreign, beginner or professional, attending or non-attending.

2018 Rules & Entry Process Info Coming Soon

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