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Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles held during 4th of July weekend annually, Anime Expo® is an expansive event brimming with tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans and a plethora of exhibitors, events, and activities to indulge in. Without further ado, here are the top 10 highlights awaiting your eager anticipation at Anime Expo!

Events and Activities
Exhibit Hall

Embark on an epic shopping adventure in the vast Exhibit Hall, a treasure trove of over 340,000 square feet! Attendees can navigate through an array of booths offering everything from exclusive anime merchandise, cutting-edge electronics, to unique collectibles. Whether you're searching for the latest fashion, rare toys, or original artwork, the Exhibit Hall is a must-visit destination for all. At AX 2024, the Exhibit Hall will be seeing an expansion to allow even more treasures to be discovered.

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Artist Alley

Step into the vibrant world of Artist Alley, where creativity meets passion. This space is dedicated to amateur and semi-professional artists eager to display and sell their work. Visitors can expect to find a wide assortment of handmade items, including intricate prints, bespoke crafts, custom clothing, and original comics. Artist Alley is not just a marketplace; it's a chance to connect with the artists behind the work and discover new talent.

Artist Alley List

Dive into the heart of anime culture with a diverse array of panels at Anime Expo. From industry insiders sharing the secrets behind your favorite shows to fan-led discussions on the latest anime trends, there’s always something new to learn and explore. It's the perfect place to engage with the community and deepen your anime knowledge. Stay tuned for the official panel list.

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Be among the first to witness worldwide unveilings of the latest anime movies, OVAs, and episodes directly from Japan at premieres hosted exclusively at Anime Expo! This special opportunity allows Anime Expo fans to enjoy major debuts before they hit the big screens and are often accompanied by special guest appearances and Q&A sessions. Anime Expo has hosted an astonishing variety of anime series and season premieres every year—and fun fact: Anime Expo fans were the first to see the world-renowned anime film Kimi no na Wa at its world premiere at AX 2016!

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Feel the energy of the live music concert productions held at Anime Expo! Every year, Anime Expo hosts popular J-Pop artists, renowned ani-song performers, and Vocaloid concerts that are exclusive to Anime Expo attendees. These high-energy events bring fans together for unforgettable nights of music and celebration, set against the backdrop of stunning visuals and lights.

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Anime Expo is a cosplayer's paradise, where attendees from around the globe showcase their craftsmanship and passion for their favorite characters. Whether you're participating or just spectating, the creativity and dedication on display are sure to inspire. Be sure not to miss the annual Masquerade—an electrifying cosplaying competition where the best of the best cosplayers compete in costume craftsmanship and performance at Anime Expo!

Cosplay Gathering
Getting Autographs

Meeting anime superstars is not far at Anime Expo: here, meet your favorite voice actors and seiyus, anime directors and industry professionals, and mangaka at their Autographs sessions hosted at Anime Expo. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get your memorabilia signed and chat with the talents behind-the-scenes of your favorite anime and manga!

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Games unite! Anime Expo offers a vast Entertainment Hall featuring sections dedicated to arcade machines, console gaming, and tabletop gaming. Whether you’re into competitive gaming, looking for a casual play, or interested in trying out new board games or card games, there’s something every type of gamer. And NEW to Anime Expo in 2024—we’re bringing Retro Gaming to the show!

Interactive Events

Immerse yourself in the unique experiences at Anime Expo's interactive events. From the charm of Maid and Butler Cafes to the groove of AX Dance, and the creativity showcased at the AMV Competition, these events offer something special beyond the usual convention fare.


When you need a moment to relax and recharge, Anime Expo provides plenty of chill zones. Enjoy a refreshing break at the beer garden, savor the tastes at the outdoor Ichiban Market, catch up on your latest read in the Manga Lounge, unwind in Lounge 21 (for the 21+ crowd), and more. These spaces offer a perfect balance to the excitement of the con, allowing you to catch your breath and enjoy the atmosphere at your own pace.


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    Official AX 2024 Merchandise

    June 28, 2024

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    Important Update Regarding NIJISANJI EN SUMMER JAM and “Welcome to Wonder Wander World” Concert in L.A.

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    Get ready for a battle against the status quo with Studio Bones at the Gachiakuta panel!

    June 17, 2024

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