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Participating as an Industry Appearance is a great opportunity for voice actors, content creators, and other members of the industry who would like to connect with their fans at Anime Expo. Industry Appearances can be supported by a company host, or participate on their own.

In order to be considered for an Industry Appearance at Anime Expo, you must meet the following participation requirements:

  • Must be a creator and/or trade professional across anime and/or Japanese pop culture industry.
  • Be confirmed to participate in an event/activity at Anime Expo (panel, autograph session, or special event/sponsored event).
  • Provide a link to an online schedule of guest's planned events, which is to be updated by the guest, the guest's management, or company host.
  • Submit all requested marketing assets by the appropriate deadlines.

Anime Expo will do the following for all Industry Appearances:

  • Include the Industry Appearance's photo, bio, name, and URL on the website and mobile app.
  • Include the guest’s photo and name in the Industry Appearance in the program guide.
  • Send interview requests from press.
  • Provide Anime Expo press list for industry to reach out for interviews, etc…
  • Announce the guest(s) on AX social media, website, and email newsletter.


Industry Autographs Sessions and FAQ

Interested in signing autographs for Anime Expo attendees? Industry Autograph sessions take place in Kentia Hall's autograph area. Each session is 60 minutes. Talent are encouraged to participate in multiple sessions.

A ticketing system must be implemented for the line queue. Limit the number of tickets to less than 75 attendees per session with 30 seconds to 1 minute per autograph. Anyone who does not have a ticket will be turned away. Autograph sessions must finish promptly at the end of the time allotted.

Standard Industry Autograph Sessions: You must provide one (1) free autograph to each attendee, provided that the attendee supplies the item being signed, to qualify for a standard industry autograph session. You may sell additional items (i.e., additional autographs, merch, etc.) during your session subject to prior written approval from the SPJA.

▪ You must provide your own staff to manage the autograph session.

▪ One (1) badge is provided

Standard industry autograph tables come at no cost to approved applicants.

Premium Industry Autographs Sessions: If you are exclusively charging the attendee for your autograph, you will need to apply to a Premium Autograph Session.

▪ Anime Expo will provide staff to manage the autograph session.

▪ One (1) badge is provided

Premium industry autograph tables are priced at $200.00 per session for approved applicants.

Please note that Industry Autographs is a separate area from Guest of Honor Autographs. This application does not apply to Guests of Honor.

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What is the difference between Industry Appearances and Guests of Honor?

Participation by Industry Appearances is supported primarily by a company host. As such, activities such as panels and autograph sessions are coordinated by the company host and not Anime Expo. For attendees, the biggest difference is that Industry Appearances’ autograph sessions procedures vary greatly. They are all subject to the respective individual, management, and/or company host.

Cosplay Senpai Program

The Cosplay Senpai Program handpicks Cosplayers who have shown community support and outreach through positivity both at conventions and in the online world.

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