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Cosplay gatherings are a great chance to meet people from the same fandom and take some amazing photos together. All of the Cosplay Gatherings at AX are organized by attendees, primarily on the Anime Expo forum on For more information about when your favorite series' cosplay gathering will take place, please check the schedule.

AX 2018 Cosplay Gathering Schedule

*Please note that the cosplay gathering schedule provided is not managed by Anime Expo and is subject to change. Please refer to the Anime Expo forum on if you have any questions.

There are ten approved cosplay gathering locations, which are all located outside of the convention center.
To help make it easier locate these areas, please see below for a map and more information about all approved gathering sites:


Full-Size Map

Cosplay Gathering Site Information

Gathering site will be clearly marked with signs, and Cosplay staff volunteers will regularly visit each gathering site to make sure things are going smoothly, as well as answer any questions and concerns.

Site #1
  • Location: Small stair area in outdoor area of Concourse Hall
  • Guidelines: Suitable for small gatherings only. Only one gathering may be held at a time.
  • Directions: From West Hall, exit doors next to Galaxy Cafe.
Site #2
  • Location: Stair area outside West Hall, on Chick Hearn Ct side, across from LA Live.
  • Guidelines: Outside stair area. Suitable for one large gathering or two medium-sized gatherings. Please stick to stair area and do not block walkway.
  • Directions: From West Hall, exit doors next to Petree Hall, then walk diagonally to the left.
Site #3
  • Location: Large stair area behind adjacent to Pico Blvd
  • Guidelines: Suitable for one large gathering or two medium-sized gatherings.
  • Directions: From West Hall, use doors near Hall B to exit and walk straight to stair area.
Site #4
  • Location: Underneath overhang next to South Hall.
  • Guidelines: Suitable for small-to-medium gatherings. Can support 2-3 gatherings at one time.
  • Directions: Exit through South Hall Lobby front doors, turn left, go underneath Concourse walkway.
Site #5
  • Location: Outside South Hall Lobby
  • Guidelines: Only small gatherings, one at a time may be held at this location. Please be mindful of sidewalks and any lines for food trucks or building entry
Site #6
  • Location: Stone sculpture area of Gilbert Lindsay Plaza, near corner of Pico Blvd and Figueroa St, between South Hall and West Hall.
  • Guidelines: Suitable for one small gathering at a time. Please be mindful of pedestrian traffic.
Site #7
  • Location: Outside West Hall Lobby.
  • Guidelines: Suitable for small-to-medium gatherings. Only one gathering may be held at a time. Please be mindful of main walkway to building.
Site #8
  • Location: Stone art sculpture display.
  • Guidelines: Suitable for small-to-medium gatherings. Only one gathering may be held at a time. Please do not climb on these sculptures.
  • Directions: Exit West Hall Lobby front doors, turn left toward Chick Hearn Ct.
Site #9
  • Location: Stairs under the awning on the corner of 15th Dr and Figueroa St.
  • Guidelines: Suitable for multiple medium-to-large gatherings at a time. The smaller set of stairs to the side can also be utilized for small-to-medium sized gatherings. Please do not enter the loading dock area at the top of these stairs; this area is off-limits to general attendees.
  • Directions: From South Hall lobby, exit the doors and turn right.
Site #10
  • Location: Grassy knolls in Gilbert Lindsay Plaza, in front of West Hall
  • Guidelines: Suitable for multiple medium-to-large gatherings at a time. Please be mindful of any lines for building entry.
  • Directions: From West Hall lobby, exit the doors and go straight. Site #10 will be on the right side, before Figueroa St.
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