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    Want to participate in Anime Expo’s programming lineup? We welcome both industry members and fans to present panels and workshops at Anime Expo.

From knowing every single Pokémon in order by heart to passionately debating which mecha reigns supreme, we’re all diehard fans of something. One of the best ways to both embrace your fandom and share it with the world is to host a Fan Panel!

Fan Panels are attendee-run discussions, workshops, and presentations that run the gamut of teaching fellow attendees what EVA foam is to over-analyzing the story of last year’s hottest titles. Do you think you have the knowledge and passion to host a panel? Then apply today and embrace your fandom!

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Taking part in Anime Expo’s Industry programming track is the perfect way to connect with existing fans and reach new ones. Every year Anime Expo is proud and ecstatic to be the place where huge announcements are made and premieres are held.

From long standing industry giants, to up-and-coming indie studios, we welcome all to be part of AX’s exciting and diverse Industry panels track. Apply today and be part of the excitement!

To request access to this application, please e-mail programming@anime-expo.org

Planning to bring special guests for your industry panel? Check out the Make an Appearance page for more information on how AX can support you.

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Important Panel Information

Panel / Workshop Overview

  • Panels: A ‘Panel’ type event that’s hosted by attendees is typically a presentation or discussion between the host and audience. For instance, many attendee panelists enjoy hosting their panels while in cosplay, often roleplaying their character while they interact with the crowd. Industry panel events often introduce or announce information about their upcoming projects, as well as feature Q&A sessions with the creative staff and/or voice actors.
  • Workshops: A ‘Workshop’ type event is focused on teaching the audience something. For example, past workshops have taught attendees how to play traditional taiko drums, create props for cosplay, and various techniques for model making. Workshop-specific rooms include tables for attendees to utilize. We encourage attendees to come and share their knowledge with others!

Panelist Participation Agreements and Acknowledgement Form

The following are provided for your reference and will need to be signed upon acceptance of your panel application:

Available Equipment in Standard Panel/Workshop Rooms

Below is a list of equipment that comes standard with a panel or workshop room. Any additional items must be requested in the application phase. However, please note that these requested items are not guaranteed to be available. Please be sure to plan accordingly.

  • 2 - 3 Wired Microphones
  • Projector and Screen(s)
  • HDMI and VGA hookups for audio/video
  • Blu-Ray Player (Note: Copyrighted material may not be playable due to HDCP protection.)
  • Tables (if in a workshop room)

Cancellations & Replacements

o SPJA does not accept any NEW panelist applications at Anime Expo. Submit notice of cancellation via email to programming@anime-expo.org no later than one month prior to the event. If a panel is cancelled, then SPJA may fill that empty slot with another panel from the waitlist. The scheduling of Panels during Anime Expo is done solely for the purpose of filling in a time slot after a cancellation. In order to be considered for replacement for a cancellation, a prospective Panelist or Workshop Host must have already completed Step 1 no later than March 30 (date subject to change) (the “Panelist Application Deadline”) and must have received a letter stating that they are on the Wait List. Only those who have been placed on the Waitlist after submitting an application on time, by the panelist Application Deadline, will be considered for replacing a panel that was cancelled.

Panel Application Process

  • Submit Your Application

    One application must be submitted for each panel/workshop you would like to propose. Prospective fan panelists and workshop hosts can submit their ideas using the online application portal:

    Application TBA

    Deadline: TBA

    If you are interested in hosting an industry panel, please contact us at programming@anime-expo.org to request access to the industry panel application form.

  • Review of Submitted Applications

    Submitted applications will be reviewed by the AX Programming team and selected for scheduling.

  • Wait to hear back

    Each panel applicant will receive a notice letting them know if either their panel or workshop has been accepted, put on the wait list, or that we cannot approve the application. If you have not heard back from us by the end of May, please email us at programming@spja.org.

  • Check in on Day of Panel/Workshop

    Panelists are expected to check-in with Programming Operations at least two hours prior to their event. Panelists are then expected to check-in with the AV volunteers at the sound board in the room where their Panel is scheduled at least 20 minutes prior to their Panels to ensure ample setup time. At that time, every Panelist and Co-Panelist must sign an Acknowledgement Form confirming that they agree to be bound by the Panelist Participation Agreement; the SPJA Policies; and to confirm that they are not disqualified from participation under the Youth Protection Policy. This Acknowledgement Form is signed by both the Panelists and the AV volunteers running the sound board.

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